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Friday, August 21, 2009

Millionaire plumber facing potential lawsuit??

I also pulled this from yahoo answers: "GARTH DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG HE IS A ******* FRAUD. The song was written and recorded by an artist known as Poverty who is a rapper. His myspace is He was a song writer for crazytown. He wrote rock songs and rap songs and that was his voice on the track when Garth was singing over it. Garth used to hang around Poverty a lot back in the day and he asked for a copy of the song saying "he liked it." then 3 years later he is brazenly singing over his voice on national TV and claiming the song is his. I can tell you one thing, Poverty is going to open a lawsuit against him for this. I am the process of trying to notify him about it now. He has the song separated in a protools file. Garth is fucked. He is a lame ******* music thief."

I know I wasn't buying it when he claimed to have written it especially for Megan, but it didn't even cross my mind that it could have been someone elses song he was belting out, lol.

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