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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tami Roman Reveals She Won't Return To 'Basketball Wives' Next Season

Reality News: It looks like Tami is not feeling how she is being portrayed as the villain once again on 'Basketball Wives' by the producers are trying to make her look a certain way.

The vents about the situation on the Morning Riot

'I’m still mad. They’re trying to portray me week after week as a certain type of person, and I’m not going for that and I am not having that. I’m sick of the Basketball Wives train that has the left the station this season. The situation with Tasha, the young lady that is new on the show, this woman knows everything there is to know about me. We’re five seasons in, I knew nothing about this person. So I did my investigation and found out some things. Now, I wanted to be armed with information, in cause she tried to come at me sideways cause I never know how somebody’s gonna come at me. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now having that conversation with Susie, Susie then chose to take that information, after I specifically said to her, ‘Susie don’t bring it up,’…..They’re trying to make it seem like I put Susie up to doing it.'

She also tweeted that she in not interesting returning next season 

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 5.37.20 PM

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