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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Hit The Floor' Star Taylour Paige Lashes Out At Her Co-Star's Death

"He Don't Deserve a R.I.P'

Taylour Paige who plays Asha on 'Hit The Floor' has lashed out on Instagram ( now deleted) today about her  co-star, Stephanie Moseley's death who was killed by her husband Earl Hayes. She is dealing with yet another loss of a close friend. Back in September, she also X Factor star Simone Battle whom she went to college with.

She says that Earl Hayes does not deserve an 'R.I.P' for what he did.

"He stole our baby from us! I’m angry!!!!!! IM SO SO SO SO SO ANGRY. I get infuriated seeing these RIP to Hayes. I’m sorry but no, you don’t get to rest in peace. You stole her from us. You were supposed to protect her unconditionally. You were supposed to let her fly and live her dreams. People have to feel free in their love. I’m just sick. I’m literally sick to my stomach, and there’s nothing irrational about what I’m saying. I spent time with Hayes and would never rebel or object someone’s rest in peace but today I do. FUCK YOUR RIP."

UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Stephanie Mosely's Murder On Facetime

Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder

More details are coming today about the murder-suicide of Earl hayes and 'Hit The Floor' actress Stephanie Moseley. She was murdered yesterday morning by her rapper husband, Earl Hayes and then pulled the trigger on himself.

It's now been reported that Floyd Mayweather, who is a good friend to Earl hayes, witnessed the murder-suicide on Facetime. reports that Eral Hayes told him that he was going to kill his wife because he accused her of cheating on him with a famous singer who has been revealed to be Trey Songz.

Sources say two years ago, the both were separated because he accused her of infidelity. They got back together but he never got over her allegedly cheating on him. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

'Hit The Floor' Actress Stephanie Moseley Murdered By Boyfriend

Stephanie Mosely Murdered

Sad news to report, actress Stephanie Mosely, who appeared on VH1's 'Hit The Floor' as one the dancers has been murdered.  

TMZ reports she was shot this morning by her rapper boyfriend, Earl Hayes, who was a member in Floyd Mayweather's money team. TMZ also reports it was a murder-suicide and the reason behind him was him accusing her of cheating with a famous singer.  

Valery Ortiz, who plays Raquel on the show, posted this on her Instagram page today.

"It's crazy how quickly your head and heart try and convince you the words aren't true. It's like you know what's been said but your brain is still protecting your heart. Ugh...It's all still too surreal. RIP bella. I hope you're smiling like this right now. You'll be the heart of Season 3"

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