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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Twitter Beef: Benzino Puts Joseline On Blast For Threatening Althea

"Streetwalking Prostitute"

It looks like Benzino has had enough of Joseline always threatening and talking crap about his fiancee, Althea. 

He posted a message on his Instagram page putting her on blast by posting her mugshot calling her a "streetwalking prostitute"

"Can someone please tell me why this animal keeps threatening my girl on TV? She went from a stripper to a streetwalking prostitute to a escort and now a reality star, Althea has never once said anything bad about her, but trust the GREENSCREEN GANGSTA wint [sic] lay a finger on her, I can take the jokes and insults but when she keeps talkin bout violence is where I draw the line, she need to go get het GED and uplift herself cause her music is lacking. I feel sorry for Sleazo violence will not be tolerated."

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