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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brittish Williams Apologizes For Stealing Draya Michele's Mint Swim Trademark

Photo/ VH1

Brittish Williams Apologizes For Trademark

'Basketball Wives: LA' cast members Brittish Williams took to twitter two days ago to apologize for purchasing Draya Michele's Swim Mint trademark. She said the reason why she did it was because of their feud they had on the show and she wanted to teach Draya 'a lesson'.  

"Let me clear this up before it even gets taken too far. Yes it's true to did purchase the name back in May of last year, I was upset...At the time because of the feud Draya and I had going on and I wanted to let her know that you have get your business all the way in order before you come for mine."

It's also been reports that Brittish will NOT be returning to 'Basketball Wives:LA' which has been filming its fourth season. 

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