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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Waka Flocka Is Now Under Investigation For That Gun Photo

Waka Flocka Under Investigation

Waka Flocka is now being investigated by the police after Tammy posted a pic on Instagram over the weekend of him pointing a gun to the camera. Waka Flocka, who is a convicted felon, may have violated is current probation terms. It also been said that this was a threat to Joseline for attacking his wife at the reunion show 

Music Times reports 

"Stevie J’s beef began with Benzino but Joseline took the opportunity to also target Tammy Rivera, the wife of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. I think we all knew that the real battle was just beginning after security restrained Joseline and Tammy made peace with the fact that her pony tail had been ripped off of her head. The taping may have wrapped up weeks ago but the hostility continues. At the time of the reunion Waka was on tour but apparently didn’t appreciate his new wife being violently targeted and just yesterday Tammy posted a photo letting everyone know that her man is back home".

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