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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Reunion Show For 'Gossip Game"

Vivian Says No Reunion Show

If you were a fan of "The Gossip Game", which ended its 1st season this past Monday, then on't expect to see a reunion show. Vivian Billings confirms on twitter that there won't be a reunion show and I'm not suprised because the show got pushed back at 11PM and that tells me that the show won't get renewed for season 2. However, there is possibly that a mini reunion MIGHT happen on blogtalkradio's #haveseat. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

DJ Steph Lova Claims "Gossip Game" Is Scripted and Vivian Goes In On Twitter

Photo/ VH1

Vivian Goes In On Twitter

DJ Steph Lova, who recently came under fire on the Gossip Game for speaking about Vivian's transgender son, did radio show last night with  RealDJKaylay and she says that the "Gossip Game" is scripted and also went in on Vivian's husband this time.

The set Vivian off on Twitter last night. here are the tweets. She refers to her as "Stephen"

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gossip Game's Vivian Billings and Her Son On The Breakfast Club

Vivian Address DJ Steph Lova Drama

Gossip Game's Vivian Billings has announced on her site that she will be appearing on The Breakfast Club along with her son Kayden to address the drama with DJ Steph Lova.

If you have not seen last night's episode. DJ Steph Lova adressed her son, who is trangender, in derogatory way and that set Vivian off by confronting and spitting at her at the end of the episode. 

Here is the interview below

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gossip Game's Vivian Billings Talks Ms. Drama Beef and Blogging On #Haveaseat

How She Got Started Blogging

Vivian Billings is clearly becoming one of the breakout stars on The Gossip Game. Last week, she was interviewed by Blogtalkradio's #Haveaseat and she talked about how she got started blogging, how she got on the show and of course her beef with Ms. Drama.

Credit for interview: @VH1info @Toribleu and @JazzyFbaby

Key Points:

-She says her and Ms. Drama were somewhat cool before the show
-The show started filming back in August of 2012
-She said some things to Ms. Drama that did not air on TV
-She started blogging in 2001, started her blog site in 2004 and started her official site in 2008
-She got the name NYCGossipGirl from the TV show "Gossip Girl."
-She has had arguments and disputes with individuals about the stuff she has posted on her site.

Listen to full interview Here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gossip Game's Vivian Billings Talks Rich Dollaz Beef On Breakfast Club

Gossips Game's Vivian Billings a.k.a TheNYCGossipGirl was on The Breakfast Club and she talks about another beef she has with Rich Dollaz of Love and Hip Hop: NY.  Apparently she put up a story about him that his baby mama (Chaundra Nicolle) sent to her about their child. She said that the child wanted to meet him and he got mad about the story and received threat phone calls about it. 

She says she does not consider herself a journalist becasue she didn't went to school for it and also reveals she does not like K.Foxx and "dogface" a.k.a Ms. Drama.

Vivian will also be interviewed tonight on Blogtalkradio's #haveaseat.

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