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Monday, June 19, 2017

'RuPaul Drag Race' Finale Rumors + Valentina Gets Exposed At Reunion

Rupaul Drag Race Finale Spoilers!

Oh snap! the claws came out on last Friday's reunion show of 'Rupaul's Drag Race' If you watched the show, all the queens grilled Valentina for not checking her fans over death threats for her elimination. According to the other queens, it seemed like everyone got death threats when Valentina was eliminated.

Here are some tweets


  Reddit also spilled some tea on the finale that will be airing this Friday. Someone who was at the taping said that the the top 2 is no other than Pepperment and Sasha!

 Ru did some B roll footage of her and some VO work for promos as our Top 2, Sasha and Peppermint, got ready. They came back and Sasha's outfit was AMAZING and had a full face mask on, Peppermints was a choice. They got into places to lip sync to It's Not Right, but It's Okay by Whitney Houston, and when the song started, Sasha removed the mouth piece of the mask so you could see her lips moving, but her upper face was still covered. The lip sync was fierce! Peppermint made it look like she was getting shocked at one point and Sasha was doing so well keeping up with her. During the high point of the song, Sasha split her mask in half, revealing her face with her standard make up AND WE ALL ATE THAT SHIT UP!!! It was at that point we knew Sasha had won Season 9, but there was a bit more of the lip sync to go. Peppermint never had a reveal of any kind, but did an amazing job with the song.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Karen King Invited Back To "#LHATL Reunion Show After Exposing Tommie

Karen King  Attending Reunion

The cast of Love and Hip hop: Atlanta filmed their season 6 reunion show on May 31st. @VH1LHH tea spilled some tea one what went down. Dime ansd Treasure P got into an argument, only 2/3 of Jasmine, Rod and Keonna showed up at the reunion, Tommie and Treasure P got into and Moriah/Sierra still got beef.

Karen King initially was not invited to the reunion show after she exposed Tommie on social media last month, but producers invited her back


Here are some reunion spoilers in courtesy of @Vh1LHHtea

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Porsha Williams Shuts Down Reports That She Slept With Apollo

 'RHOA' Season 9 Reunion Tea

The cast of 'RHOA' just filmed their season 9 reunion show the other day and lots of drama went down! According to Therealhousewivesofatlanta inatagram page Kandi and Phedrea were at 'each other's throats 


But the big accusation was surrounding Porsha Williams sleeping with Apollo before he went to prison, Porsha quickly denied the accusation

Andy Cohwn Took Instagram to and he was pretty shook on went down
A post shared by Real Housewives Of Atlanta 🍑 (@realhousewivesatlanta) on

Sunday, November 1, 2015

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Cast Film Season 2 Reunion Show

 'LHHH' Cast Films Season 2 Reunion Show

The cast of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood cast was at New York this past week to film the season 2 reunion show. According to sources... Princess Love and Moniece allegedly get into it, Teairra Mari  accuse  Ray-J of allegedly drugging Moniece to get her to sleep with hi. Other alleged altercations also includes Nas vs Nia and Nikki vs Nia.

One thing has been confirmed is that Miles has cheated on Milan for years. Milan exposed him on twitter recently.


Here are some pics on Instagram I found

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' 14 Reunion Sneak Peek: Kat Vs Beatrice

Photo/ Youtube

 Reunion Sneak Peeks

The two-part Bad Girls Club season 14 reunion show airs next week and BGCTEA has uploaded three sneaks peeks of the reunion show. We all know that twins did not show up, in the clips below they bought two dummies of the twins and they impersonating in which Ally was not feeling it. She and Tanisha went at it. Another clips shows Beatrice and Kat getting into it


Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives : LA (Season 4)- The Finale and Reunion

Photo: VH1
Season 4
Basketball Wives: LA
The Finale and Reunion RECAP  
Ashley Miller recaps on the finale and season 4 reunion on Basketball Wives: LA. Brandi calls out Shaunie and Tami. 

The Finale

The Reunion

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sneak Peek: 'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 4- Reunion .. Brandi Calls Out Shaunie and Tami

Photo/ VH1

Season 4 Reunion

Here is the sneak peek of the season 4 reunion show of Basketball Wives LA which airs next Sunday. In the clip below, Mehgan accuses Angel of being an escort and Brandi calls Shaunie and Tami

  Sneak Peek

it looks like this reunion show will be on point

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Draya Michele Skips 'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 4 Reunion Show

 Draya Skips Reunion Show

The 'Basketball Wives: LA' season 4 reunion show was taped yersteday and it has been reported by Jasmine that Draya Michele DID NOT show at the reunion show. Everyone was there including Tami Roman. 

 Photo/ Jasmine Brand

Last year, Draya did not even appear in the same room with them.

Sources tells the site that Tami Roman who was the only one who was 'turnt up' everyone else was 'boring' . Mehgan also accused Angel of being an excort , and Brandi reveals her and her husband now in a better place. Shaunie also revealed at the reunion that the show might not come for another season.




Thursday, September 3, 2015

'Black Ink Crew' Cast Is Getting A Reunion Show


'Black Ink Crew' Getting A Reunion Show

The 'Black Ink Crew' cast is finally getting their own reunion show which will be airing soon on VH1. cast member Ceaser announced it on his Instagram page 
the other day.   The reunion show will be hosted by Big Tigger who also hosted the LHATL After Party shows

He writes

"TS A WRAP! Make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming @vh1 Black Ink Crew Reunion #BICReunion. Vh-1 number 1 show on tv right now! It was a special night of secrets, intrigue, laughter the whole nine! It was indeed a special night! Be on the look out for some special faces"


Monday, July 27, 2015

Kaleena Says 'LHATL' Season 4 Reunion Will Be 'Crazy' and 'Therapeutic'

Photo/ Youtube

Kaleena Describes Season 4 Reunion

Kaleena Harper did an interview with AllHipHop and she spill some tea on the season 4 reunion show. She says this reunion will be more 'therapeutic' than last seasons. She also says that Joseline was not the only person during the reunion show who admitted to having sexual encounters with some of the cast members.

Kaleena quotes:

"The reunion was crazy. It was so much arguing back and forth and I just think people were exasperated at some points like, 'You know what? I don't know why we're arguing. Let's just get it over with. Let's hug it out. Let's hug. Let's kiss.' It actually was therapeutic this year"

 "Everybody was like lesbians, three-somes. Mimi and Joseline and Stevie had some stuff going on. I was like what, but it was a whole bunch of things. Like Rasheeda's artist is gay. Shout out to gay pride. When I say everybody was revealing who they liked, who they had crushes on, who they wanna sleep with. It was therapeutic -- I'm telling you they got things off their chest,"

Thursday, July 16, 2015

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 4 Reunion Show Starts Taping

Season 4 Reunion- Rumors/Spoilers

The season 4 reunion 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' has strarting taping yesterday according to some of the castmembers tweets and Instagram pics.

Season 4 Reunion Tea

-Joseline confirms that she, Mimi and Stevie J had  threesome back in the day.
-Stevie J reveals Nikko had a relationship with a man
-KD and Sina threw punches during the reunion show


Here are some Instagram pics and tweets

Monday, July 6, 2015

Joseline Tweets She Is Performing During 'LHATL' Season 4 Reunion and Also Confirms Season 5

Joseline To Perform At The Reunion Show

Joseline Hernandez has confirmed on twitter that she will be performing  during the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 4 reunion show which will begin filming very soon. She also tweeted about her and Stevie taking over LA for their movie which could about their upcoming spin-off show and also confirms LHHATL season 5.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Nene Leakes Speaks On Breaking Down At The Reunion Over Her Mother


"I'm Happy To Know I Inspired Someone"

Nene Leakes responds to the reaction on her blog about breaking down last night at Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion about her mother. She writes she did not watch the reunion but got a overwhelming response on text messages on her phone about the scene.  She says she is 'happy to know that she inspired someone'

"Honestly I do not like being vulnerable in front of people who do not like me! My exterior can be tough to some but my heart is gold! I have gotten soooo many text messages about this scene tonight. (I didn’t watch) my phone has literally caught on fire! I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watch #RHOA #strongwoman"

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly Recap: Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 7) The Reunion PART 2

Photo/ Bravo

 Season 7
Real Housewives Of Atlanta
The Reunion PART 2

Ashley Miller recaps on part 2 of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nene Leakes Breaks Down On 'RHOA' Season 7 Reunion Show.. WATCH HERE

Season 7 Reunion Sneak Peek

The 7th season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta has finally come to an end and this Sunday will be part 1 of the reunion show. The reunion looks like is going to be more toned down compared last season when Porsha and Kenya got into it.  In the preview below, we see Nene Leakes breaking down about her mother. Also, Demetria did not show up at the reunion.

Watch Here:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Recap: Mob Wives (Season 5) The Reunion PART 1

Photo/ VH1

Season 5

Mob Wives
The Reunion PART 1

Ashley Miller recaps on part 1 of the season 5 'Mob Wives reunion.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natalie Guerico Comes For Vivica A Fox For Being 'One Sided' At The Reunion

"You Owe Me An Apology"

Tonight was the part 1 of the season 5 'Mob Wives' reunion show and it was crazy! it seemed like it was all about Natalie at the reunion. Karen accused her of being racist, Natalie got into with Storm when he laughed that she called the cops for what happened to London at the club. But it seems like Natalie was not happy with how Vivica Fox treated her at the reunion. On twitter, Natalie accused her of being 'one sided' and bias towards cutting her off when she tried to speak and thinks she deserves an apology from her.

Natalie's tweets

Of course, Vivica responded back calling her a trick

Here are more back and forth tweets from them

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

HOT TEA: Erica Mena Will NOT Appear On 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Season 5 Reunion Show

Erica Mena Skips Season 5 Reunion?

Yesterday, the cast 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' taped their season 5 reunion. Everyone was there except for Erica Mena. According to reports, she chose to go to Florida for her son's 8th birthday party. It's been said that she is sick of people using her for her storylines. Do you all notice that she has been seeing less on the show now? In an interview she did awhile back she announced that this current season of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' was her last. 

Meanwhile here are some reunion pics that some for cast members have post on Instagram

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