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Monday, November 9, 2015

SIP TEA: 50 Cent Claps Back At Vivica Fox For Insituating He Is Gay

50 Cent Fires Back At Vivica Fox

Social media went crazy last night when Vivica Fox who dated rapper 50 cent, suggests that he was gay when she was Andy Cohen's show 'Watch What Happens Live' the conversation started when Andy aked her thoughts on 50 Cent's comment about 'Empire' having too many gay stuff on the show. She replied "It's like pot called the kettle black" insituating that he might be gay. particularly a magazine cover he did with Soulja Boy in which he also fired back calling her a 'granny' and 'washed up'

He responded back on Instagam quoting "

 "Oh No!!!, 😳 Now she thinks I'm gay because I let her lick my Ass. 😔 LMAO. Wait,I didn't want her to,she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey 😆"




Thursday, September 10, 2015

TV NEWS: Vivica Fox To Play Cookie's Sister In 'Empire' Season 2

Vivica Fox Joins' Empire'

Empire is adding another celebrity to its list for the upcoming 2nd season which premieres on September 23rd. It has been announced today that Vivic Fox will appearing the show as Cookie Lyon's sister. The reports that she will be the older of Taraj's character Cookie who comes seeking help from her.  

Other celebrities who will also appear this season includes Chris Rock, Mariah Carey and Kelly Rowland

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wendy Williams Slams Vivica Fox For Joining 'Hollywood Divas'

"You Are Above This"

Last week, it was announced that actress Vivica Fox will be joining the 2nd season of Hollywood Divas while most people were in support of her joining the show, Wendy Williams disapproved. She criticized her during HOT TOPICS on her talk show that she way too above joining  a show like that.

"Vivica Fox, I love you, but I hate this idea. You are above this. For goodness sake, you were in Pulp Fiction! What are you doing joining the cast of Hollywood Divas?Now, there’s nothing wrong with Hollywood Divas and shows like that….but they are for a certain echelon of people. When I think of Vivica A. Fox, I’m not comparing her to Golden Brooks, from Girlfriends.Golden Brooks was on Girlfriends; respectable career, but where has she been? She’s not supposed to be in the same room, on the same cast as Vivica A. Fox. That’s all I’m saying.It would be like if Mary J. Blige joined the cast of ‘R&B Divas’….Yeah, she was on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, but that’s the higher tier of reality TV. But what I’m trying to do is show more respect for her to be a real diva of Hollywood…
Vivica for God’s sake, you were just signed for Independence Day part 2. Vivica you can do better, this is a low move for your career."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vivica Fox Joins 'Hollywood Divas' Season 2 Cast As 'Special Guest Star '

Vivica Fox Joins Season 2 Cast

It has been reported that actress Vivica A Fox will be joining the season 2 cast of 'Hollywood Divas' on TV One. Season 1 debuted last year and it's spin off series to the R&B Divas franchise. 

Vivica Fox made the official announcement on her Twitter page.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natalie Guerico Comes For Vivica A Fox For Being 'One Sided' At The Reunion

"You Owe Me An Apology"

Tonight was the part 1 of the season 5 'Mob Wives' reunion show and it was crazy! it seemed like it was all about Natalie at the reunion. Karen accused her of being racist, Natalie got into with Storm when he laughed that she called the cops for what happened to London at the club. But it seems like Natalie was not happy with how Vivica Fox treated her at the reunion. On twitter, Natalie accused her of being 'one sided' and bias towards cutting her off when she tried to speak and thinks she deserves an apology from her.

Natalie's tweets

Of course, Vivica responded back calling her a trick

Here are more back and forth tweets from them

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vivica A. Fox Is Hosting 'Mob Wives' Season 5 Reunion

Vivica A Fox Hosting Reunion

So the 'Mob Wives season 5 reunion was taped yesterday and from I've heard it was crazy! First off, Renee confirms on Instagram that actress Vivica A Fox will hosting the season 5 reunion show. In her message , she says that Vivica was 'delightful" and 'helped navigate through the bullshit'

As for the fights, someone who works at the makeup department spilled some tea. Apparently, everyone is gunning for Drita and Natalie Guerico. Karen 'beats' Drita while she was arguing with Natalie D. Natalie G pushes Natalie D down the stairs and kicked her. The only people that were calm were Renee and Big Ang.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kenya Moore and Vivica A Fox Beefing On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Vivica Calls Kenya A Trick

Reality: We all know Kenya Moore is going to bring the drama on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice which s currently shooting. Spoiler Alert! Kenya was kicked out the show, but did had beef with actress Vivica A Fox on set. 

Vivica accuses Kenya of stealing her phone and calls her a trick

It was also reported that Donald trump called Kenya Moore "the most evil woman" he has ever met. Damn Kenya what did you do this time? 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vivica A Fox To Host 2009 Fox Reality Awards

OS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fox Reality Channel presents the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards Saturday, October 17 at 10p/9c from the famed Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood. The “Reallys” is the only awards show to celebrate the best in reality television. Actress Vivica A. Fox, best known for her roles in films such as Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Soul Food, Independence Day and Set It Off, and a veteran reality television star in her own right, appearing as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (Season 3) and host of VH1’s Glam God with Vivica A. Fox and TV Land’s The Cougar, will host the fourth annual Fox Reality Channel Really Awards show.

Singer, actor, producer Lance Bass, who gained fame as a member of the multi-platinum selling group, ‘NSYNC, will host the red carpet show, bringing viewers up-close and personal to their favorite reality stars. Bass, a reality fan and producer himself has been in the reality spotlight before as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars (Season 7) and appearing on Bravo’s Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.

“Vivica A. Fox and Lance Bass are top-notch entertainers with strong ties to the reality television world,” said Bob Boden, SVP of Programming, Production & Development at Fox Reality Channel. “We are pleased to have these talented celebrities as hosts of the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards and its red carpet, entertaining viewers with a fun-filled night that celebrates the colorful characters and greatest reality moments from the past year.”



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