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Friday, September 2, 2011

Brandy Is Working With Rico Love On Her Next Album

Brandy Is Motivated To Make A Music Comeback

According to Brandy is determine to make a music comeback with her next album. She is working with Rico Love who wrote the hit song "Montivation" by Kelly Rowland.

He says:
I’m excited about the records I’ve done with her so far. I think we need to make it classic, just the music that people love,” he tells Rap-Up. “There’s no real formula to it. I just believe in a strong melody and a strong concept. You add a great singer, especially a singer that has had the success that Brandy’s had, and a hit song is a no-brainer.”

Her new album is due out next year.

Jackie and Kimisha Share Their Thoughts On "Basketball Wives L.A"

Jackie and Kimisha share their thoughts on the 1st episode of "Basketball Wives L.A"

Amber Rose Slams VH1 By Saying They Made Her Look Like A Liar

Amber Rose Slams VH1

Amber Rose speaks on the "reality show" she was supposed to have on VH1, She slams the network  by saying they try to "make her look like a liar"

On Her Reality Show
I have my own reality show. I haven’t started filming that yet, but I have it. I was with one network before actually, and I didn’t like the way they were trying to … they were trying to make me be a different person. I want to go into this being an open book by being myself. So now I’m with a different network and I’ll start shooting soon.”

On the controversy surrounding the reality show
It sucks because it makes me look like I’m a liar, but I’m not. It was the fact that I didn’t like how they were going about doing my show. And a lot of times in TV, you know, they want you to be a certain way that you’re not. And I’m not the way that they wanted me to be, so I decided not to go with them. So when it came out and they said, you know, ‘we’re not having a show with Amber,’ it wasn’t them telling me….. it was me telling them.

Ray-J Wants Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Off The Market

Ray-J Wants Sex Tape Off The Market

TMZ reports that a buyer who contacted Vivid Entertainment is interesting into buying the ray-J and Kim Kardashian sex tape. But when Ray-J was asked about the ext tape, he says that he wants the tape off the market. 

 "they better come up with something right ... let's get it over with!"

Royce Reveals What She Wants To Do After Basketball Wives Is Over

“After this show is done I’m gonna either have a show of my own, or your definitely gonna see me in the lights but my major was theatre arts and I’m very good at it, not to toot my own horn but toot toot! I’m a actress first. Outside of that I’m extremely intelligent and I can always hold my own and I don’t need to be sitting around drinking and talking about another person.”

The Urban Daily Countdowns 7 Women Who Could Replace Stacey Dash

The Urban Daily Counts down the 7 Women who could replace Stacey Dash in her Role "Val".

Yesterday it was reported that she isn’t coming back, due to the fact that her family is in LA, and Single Ladies Films in Atlanta.

Audrina Patridge Says Her VH1 Show Is Over And She's Quitting Reality TV

Audrina has confirmed her VH1 show "Audrina" -- will not return to air.

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