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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

VH1 Interview: Exotica ( For The Love Of Ray-J)

Taken from here is the Exotica VH1 interview, she explains how she did not like how the show portrayed her.

Rich: I really enjoyed you on the show.

Exotica: No! I didn’t like the way they edited me.

Rich: Tell me why.

Exotica: They made it seem like I didn’t know how to do anything, and that’s not true. Like, when I was bowling, when I was singing, and playing basketball and all that.

Rich: So you’re a good bowler?

Exotica: I’m not. I’m OK, but on TV they made it seem like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and that’s not true at all.

Rich: I really liked you freaking out at the bowling alley, though.

Exotica: I was kinda mad, ‘cause I really wanted to win a date, but on TV they showed my score as 16, but then you see the extra on, and you saw it was 76. But I got so many fans who like me so much, they’re like, “You’re so funny, even though you can’t bowl.”

Rich: There are worse things than bad bowling that you could be accused of.

Exotica: Oh, I know. I like that they showed my sense of humor. I’m funny. The only thing I didn’t like was how they showed me not knowing how to do anything.

Rich: How was your overall time on the show?

Exotica: It was really good. I met a lot of girls, but by the end, I was stressed out. It started getting emotional.

Rich: You didn’t seem too upset when you were eliminated.

Exotica: I wasn’t upset because the reason I got eliminated was that I didn’t know Ray, and that’s true. I didn’t lie about it. Ray was there, but he really didn’t talk to me, and I didn’t really talk to him. I was just there chilling because I really don’t chase guys. Even though I was on a show, I wasn’t going to change myself just to chase Ray and stay longer. That’s why I told him that it seems like he gets shy when he comes toward me. I was a little shy, too. I have different personalities, like I get shy around guys, and I was shy around him. He didn’t seem like he wanted to get to know me, though. That’s why I didn’t try. When I got eliminated, I was actally happy because there was too much going on. It was actually crazy.

Rixh: Were you disappointed that you didn’t get to know Ray better?

Exotica: Not really. Maybe if we weren’t on TV, it would have been different. But on TV, there was too much going on. The other girls were chasing him all the time to get a one-on-one with him. The whole time I had on my mind that I wasn’t going to do something I would regret one day. And I didn’t do it.

Rich: What do you think of Ray now?

Exotica: I like watching the show. He’s so freaking funny. He should be a comedian. I have nothing bad to say about Ray. He’s very nice. The little bit of him I got to know was very fun, funny and outgoing.

Rich: When you say that there was too much going on in the house, do you mean the drama with the “Wolf Pack?”

Exotica: It was a competition, and it was getting tough. The other girls, they were doing a lot of stuff, and I’m not going to be specific, but they were doing stuff that I would not do. Just to get a glass or to make it to the next episode, they were doing a lot of crazy stuff.

Rich: What did you think of the drama with Heartbreaker, Platinum and Luscious, though?

Exotica: At first, they picked on Flossy, and just because I didn’t go against Flossy, I knew they were going to come back and pick on me. But I was like, “Please.” I don’t care if we’re in a public place eating, I don’t care if we’re with Obama, if you yell at me, I’m gonna yell back. If you don’t respect me, I’m not going to respect with you. Don’t come to me like, “We run this house.” You don’t run s***.

Rich: Any theories as to why they called you a reindeer?

Exotica: I really don’t know what the hell they meant by that, but I think they were making fun of my hair. I didn’t know they said that until Flossy told me that. But if they were talking about my hair, I love my hair. I don’t wear fake hair or extensions. It’s all natural. I make money with my hair, so that’s all that counts.

Rich: You seemed very confident, not just about your hair, but in general.

Exotica: Of course. I love me. I don’t care what the girls thought about me: about my style, about my hair. I was there for Ray, and then me. I don’t hold back. I do look like a model. Even Ray said it. They tried to use that against me, that I was on the wrong show, and I should have been on America’s Next Top Model. I was like, “You’re not gonna tell me which show to be in,” you know?

Rich: Would you say that you are conceited?

Exotica: No, I’m not. I’m just confident. It is what it is.

Rich: What about when you got into it with Extra?

Exotica: To be honest, I really felt bad for her in the end. I was bored, and I figured, “Let me pick on Extra.” You know, she wasn’t pretty at all, so I was like, “Let me just pick on her.” Everyone saw that she picked the bed before me, but I took the bed from her. Whatever, I don’t have anything against her. That’s kinda mean, but oh well. She got over it. I’m sure she did.

Rich: When did you come over from Cape Verde?

Exotica: About 10 years ago. At first, it was really hard. I had to learn English. I only spoke French when I came here. Imagine me, don’t know how to say anything in English. It was really hard, but I kept going, and look at where I’m at! Sometimes I think about it: I never would have imagined coming from Cape Verde and being on a national TV show. Everybody knows me, all the Cape Verdeans love me, they happy that I’m representing Cape Verde. Nobody knew about Cape Verde until I got on the reality show. So I’m really happy that I did the reality show. Basically, I’m reaching all my American dreams.

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