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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Exclusive: 'For The Love Of Ray-J' Winner Cocktail Says She'll Appear On 'Love and Hip Hop: LA'

Photo: VH1


Reality: Remember Cocktial? She was the girl who Ray-J's VH1 dating show For The Love Of Ray-J back in 2009. I got some exclusive  info about her and Love and Hip Hop: LA. Since ray-J has signed on to be on teh show, I made Facebook post saying Cocktial should have been casted to the show, ironically she commented on my status and confirms she will appear in the episode when those women were fighting over Ray-J.

She says that she was on set when the fight happened and that TMZ got it all wrong about who was fighting. her woman identified as Teairra Marie was actually Ray-J's former assistant Morgan Hardman and the other chick was supposed to be Princess Love was a girl name Sheila. Cocktail ( Joanna Hernandez) says that she has been close with Ray-J.

Friday, May 25, 2012

For The Love Of Ray-J's Heartbreaker Is Featured In Lil Scrappy's New Video

For The Love Of Ray-J Heartbreaker is featured in Lil Scrappy's new music video called "Helicopter" It also featured Twista and 2 Chainz.

Lil Scrappy will also be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta which premieres June 18th. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Danger's Acting Debut

Danger Goes Into Acting

So what has Danger been up too? It has been a while so we have heard from her. recently did an interview with her. She is working on new series where she plays a black Russian hit woman. In the video, it seems like she is looking a lot better. Last year if you remember she had a menta breakdown where her daughetr was taken away from her.
She also a pilot for her own reality show called "Danger Goes Hollywood" I hope it gets picked up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For The Love Of Ray-J's Exotica To Be On "Single Ladies"

"For The Love Of Ray-J 2" contestant ahs revealed on her Twitter page that she is on set filming for VH1's new show "Single Ladies" which airs on May 30th right after the season 3 premiere of "Basketball Wives"

"On set filming for "Single Ladies" its going to be a long day!"

She also tweets that Stacy Dash looks pretty and she looks half her age which I agree. Exotica also made a cameo on the 5th season of "Bad Girls Club not too long ago.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week In VH1 Twitpics: 5/8-5/15

This Week In VH1 Twitpics

This is something new we will doing on out site. Each week, we will post twipics by VH1 celebs and reality stars. This week, we have Heartbreaker, Ashley, Farrah and Chad Ochocinco


Hello from MARS


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil Hood Has Found Love + New Look

Lil Hood (For The Love Of Ray-J)  e-mailed my new pics and what she has been up to. Being For The Love Of Ray-J two years ago it seems like now, she has found love. Check out these pics.

This is also her new look for 2011. She is going for the sexy girl next door vibe.

Friday, March 25, 2011

VH1 Star Pics: Cocktail With Chris Brown

Cocktail With Chris Brown

Here is a recent pic of Cocktail, the winner of For The Love Of Ray-J (season 1) and was a contestant ont he canceled season of I Love Money 3 with singer Chris Brown!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ray J Will be EXTRAs DWTS Correspondent

 Superstar Ray-J has signed on to become the latest Extra correspondent for Dancing With the Stars, his rep confirms to exclusively"He's doing it because he loves the show and wants to support Brandy's effort to win," his rep tells Us.The VH1 reality star 29, will make his first appearance on Monday. He will then interview the contestants -- including his sister, Audrina Patridge and The Situation -- for Extra on Tuesday.Ray-J replaces Vienna Girardi, who served as Extra's DWTS correspondent during Season 10

I bet you all that Ray-J will do Dancing With Stars for season 12

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Go Guide Pinup of the Week: Feisty


Meet Elizabeth "Feisty" Mendez
Hialeah native Mendez, July's Playboy Cybergirl of the Month, will host Lapdance Tuesdays this week at Cameo (1445 Washington on Miami Beach). Tickets: $20. Info

Conversation starters
Mendez got her nickname from a take-no-prisoners turn in Season 1 of the VH1 "reality" dating show "For the Love of Ray J."

She was one of the women who made the cut for Pitbull's "Hotel Room Service" video, which set a standard for hot.

Best Twitter post: "iPhones are soporific confusing!"

Mendez turned 24 on Friday.

She's 5-foot-1 and weighs 100 pounds.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Interview Mz Berry ( For The Love of @Rayj 2 )

Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with celebrity promoter jason blake winner of the vh1 one show for the love of ray j season 2Theres no arguing the fact that Connie Christina (aka Mz Berry) is one of the hottest ladies to ever appear on Reality TV. She was so attractive that Ray Jay nicknamed her Mz Berry, because she resembled such beauty. Mz Berry is the winner of the For The Love Of Ray J show, season 2, and made quite a buzz in Reality TV history. She’s articulate, intelligent, well mannered, and extremely ambitious. Here’s the exlcusive interview with Vh1′s number one starlet: Mz Berry.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I want to start by saying you’re an extraordinarily beautiful lady: how did you feel about being named Mz Berry when you first got on the show, the nickname speaks volumes?
VH1 Mz Berry: I was very intimidated by the name initially! The implication that I resembled or brought to mind Halle Berry was a little more than I could take! lol but I appreciated the huge compliment very much!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: How has life been since appearing on VH1′s For The Love Of Ray J show?
VH1 Mz Berry: My life is still pretty much the same on a day to day basis. I travel alot for work, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same.
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with celebrity promoter jason blake winner of the vh1 one show for the love of ray j season 2
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I know a lot of people want to hear the answer to this question, so I’m going to go ahead and get it out the way: did you really fall in love with Ray J? And honestly, how do you feel about him now?
VH1 Mz Berry: I definitely loved the person that I met. I still have love for Ray and hope that we will continue our friendship. Being “in love” with him, I can say I was probably caught up in the moment of the experience when I said that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: How did you feel after leaving the reunion special? When the cast of girls were asked who is currently still in contact with Ray, the show of hands was quite a lot.
VH1 Mz Berry: I really can’t describe how I felt. I wasn’t hurt. I just felt like ok I just expressed to him that I don’t feel he’s ready for what I am looking for, and that is ok. I actually kind of felt relieved. The fact that he keeps “in touch” with individuals wasn’t an issue for me.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Did your opinion of Ray change after Cocktail came out and had a altercation with him regarding her experience after her show wrapped…. Behind the scenes did get a little crazy.
VH1 Mz Berry: No
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Am I correct in saying that VH1 portrayed you as the emotional girl? How do you feel about that?
VH1 Mz Berry: I guess that’s what they tried to do, huh? lol ummm I guess everyone has a job to do so. I did get emotional because it was just so hectic, so I mean I really can’t feel any type of way. I think they embellished it a bit, but hey…
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: It seems that most reality shows are structured with 3 dominant personalities: The crazy girl – The emotional girl -& the mean girl? What Is your take on that and how accurate are those portrayals.
VH1 Mz Berry: I really don’t have a take and I’m not clear on who was supposed to portray those roles.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: After doing a Reality TV Show, what’s your opinion about Reality Show’s in general? Would you do another one?
VH1 Mz Berry: Some are good and can be helpful depending on the topic and what the show is trying to promote. Some are merely for entertainment and serve no purpose other than that. I would do another one, depending on the topic. Definitely no more love shows or anything like that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: You’ve taken some amazing photos: I think you’re very photogenic: where do you plan on taking your modeling career in the future?
VH1 Mz Berry: First thank you very much! I really haven’t given that much thought because I don’t think of myself as a model. I guess because being petite I was always told that I could never be a model, so. But I’m leaving the door open for it.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Are you currently single, or has someone swept you off your feet?
VH1 Mz Berry: I’d rather not speak about that.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: After the show aired, when you went home, how were you viewed amongst your family and friend’s? This question came from a few of your fans.
VH1 Mz Berry: hmmm there were mixed feelings. My family and close friends are extremely supportive of me. Did they question why I would do such a thing and tell me that I didn’t belong there, yes! But they did support my decision.
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What did you do before the show? What was Mz Berry’s career before becoming a nationally known figure?
VH1 Mz Berry: I have a career in Real Estate that I enjoy very much and hope to be able to practice a bit more in the very near future!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Can you describe your ideal relationship: what Mz Berry expects from the man that says “I Love You?”
VH1 Mz Berry: Someone who makes me and the relationship a priority. I’m a writer and so I understand that words written or even spoken can come very easily, I’d much rather a man show me through his actions how much he loves me or misses me or whatever the case may be.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What are 3 things that you refuse to put up with in a relationship? The 3 things that would make you leave your man and never come back.
VH1 Mz Berry: That is difficult because I think those things can change as the relationship changes and your lives together shifts. Obviously when you first begin dating maybe the things that would be deal breakers for you may not be the same as if you’d been dating for 5 years and those things may be different once you are married and once you have children…
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: I’ve heard some horror stories about models having problems with photographers: how has your relationship been with photographers? Have they tried to take things off camera, or have the majority of them been professional?
VH1 Mz Berry: I have had great experiences with the photographers who have chosen to work with me! I think they respect the person that I am coming in to the shoot and so they don’t come at me on anything other than professionalism.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What’s the worse – or most unprofessional thing that a photographer has done during a photo shoot?
VH1 Mz Berry: wow! I can honestly say that they have all been very professional! I realize that may be hard to believe, but it is the truth!
Vh1 Mz Berry The Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Who’s your favorite and most professional photographer?
VH1 Mz Berry: I actually have 2! And it’s because their styles are so very different! Dwayne Moore was my very first photoshoot EVER!! He was very patient and gave me great direction and I love how artistic he is! My newest fave is Anthony Winters! I shot with him in New York and the shoot was extremely quick! He would give me quick direction and take the shots and BAM! it was done! He took very high fashion shots of me that I just love! He made me look like a MODEL!!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: What’s your favorite brand of clothing?
VH1 Mz Berry: Hmmm that’s a tough one! It really just depends on what article of clothing it is or what it’s for. I love soft fabrics! Yeah that’s tough.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: The fellas want to know: panties or thongs?
VH1 Mz Berry: lol most everyday it’s gonna be a thong! lol I have my moments where I want to feel soft cotton all over and then I go for panties or boyshorts.
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Who have you kept in touch with since the show, anybody in particular that you became good friends with?
VH1 Mz Berry: Oh yeah! Just Right and I are very good friends!)
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Which female entrepreneur inspires you the most?
VH1 Mz Berry: I would have to say Oprah Winfrey!)
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: Can you give the young ladies out there some advice about doing a Reality TV Show, things to look out for?
VH1 Mz Berry: I would have to say the best advice I can give is to really know your purpose for being on the show and just stick with that. What do you want to get out of it?
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: It was a pleasure interviewing you Mz Berry, you’re a sweetheart. Is there anything I didn’t cover that you would like your fans to know?
VH1 Mz Berry: Thank you Jason! Yup, I wanna let everyone know that they can check out my new website , follow me on twitter and be sure to look out for new things coming up with my real name of Connie Christina!!!
Celebrity Promoter Jason Blake: You’re very welcome, and thank you Connie for being such a sweet heart. I wish you the best in your Modeling career, acting career, and your real estate business. Your very ambitious and your success will grow abundantly. TTYL

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VH1 Star Pics: Lil Hood with her sister in L.A

Lil Hood's sister Kerry visit her sister Lil Hood in Orlando, Florida. Her sister turned 21 so Lil Hood took a trip with her sister to L.A. Here are pics Lil Hood sent me.

Monday, July 26, 2010

VH1 Stars fight back on appearance fees.

Heartbreaker tweets that this is a list is WRONG on how much they get paid for appearance. Among the list are Mz Berry, Deelishis, PS, Cashmere, Jaguar ,Doll and Danger

Heartbreaker wants her own VH1 show

Last week she tweeted that VH1 needs to "get it together" and that they need to make a new charm school. Now she tweets that she wants a Wolfpack Show. the Wolfpack was a clique between her, Luscious and Platinum on For The Love Of ray-J 2.

Cashmere does an interview with

For The Love Of ray-J's Cashmere recently did an interview with She talks about her experience on For The Love Of Ray-J. She tells them that she was skeptical at first auditioning for the show. She also tells them the reason why she chose to leave the show was because she did not want to risk getting her heartbroken by Ray-J.

She also mentions about I love Money 3 int he interview and the her other project "The It Girlz". starring her, Naturalle, Lil Hood and Stilts about finding love. She says that she is trying to pitch the show to VH1.

Sunday, July 25, 2010 interviews Jaguar (For The Love Of Ray-J 2)

Jaguar from the 2nd season of For The Love Ray-J did an interview with about her time at the mansion. She tells them that some of ray-J girls were "plotting" to get her eliminated because she was winning all the challenges and all the dates. She says it was "big secret"  she also tells how she became a model and a video vixen.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heartbreaker tweets VH1 needs to "get it together"

Fans are not the only ones who are fed up with VH1's recent programming. Heartbreaker from For The Love Of ray-J 2 tweets that VH1 needs to "get it together". She also wants the network to do another season Charm School. Saying that would sign a petition for it. She also says that she wants to be on the next season of Charm School.  Early this week Flex from Daisy of love was another VH1 star that tweeted he wants I Love Money to come back.

I am planning to work on  Charm School petition soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cashmere auditioning for another show

Cashmere from For The Love Of Ray-J and I Love Money 3 tweeted that she will be auditioning for another show... and it is another 51 minds show. Cashmere recently appeared on Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch along with Cali and Rabbit as one of the 85 girls.

Hmmm what could be? I'm going with Charm school? I doubt it is I Love Money and I doubt she is auditioning for another dating show. Whatever is it... good luck!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lil Hood was mistaken for Lady Gaga?

Yes it is true! Lil Hood from For the Love of Ray-J was mistaken for pop singer Lady Gaga. Joe from Megan Wants a millionaire who happenes to be her roomemate post this on his  facebook page
they were chased down by paparazzi and fans THINKING she was Lady Gaga at Hollywood Blvd. Not realizing it was really Lil Hood. I think this is hilarious though. Joe also says that videos and pics of the incident will be posted soon. Both of them were contestants on I Love Money 3.

Do You Think Lil Hood looks like Lady Gaga?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lil Hood, Naturalle and Stilits talk about Bullying

Here is a video Lil Hood, Stilts, and Naturalle from For The Love Of Ray-J. They speak show they are against bullying.

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