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Thursday, December 31, 2009

VH1 Interview: Flossy (For The Love Of Ray-J)

Taken from This is the vh1 interview with Flossy.

Rich: How was your time on the show?

Flossy: Overall, it was really good. I had a great time, except for the whole drink-throwing episode.

Rich: Let’s talk about that. What was going through your mind when almost the entire house was screaming at you and throwing liquid on you?

Flossy: When they ganged up on me in the room, I was just kind of like, “Really?” It was funny to me that they felt so threatened by me that they had to team up. The issue we were fighting about really wasn’t that serious for everyone to get involved. I thought it was an example of haters being haters. But then when the first drink was thrown, I went from thinking it was funny to literally taking everything I had inside of me to keep from getting up and beating the s*** out of Heartbreaker. I did not want to get kicked off for fighting. I was trying to be calm and a strong person and control myself to handle the situation as best I could. I walked away, and she threw another drink on me, and at that point, I knew it was just them trying to provoke me to hit them so that I would go home. I wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. I didn’t want to leave without being able to say goodbye to Ray. I didn’t want to leave on that note.

Rich: You mentioned that they were threatened. Do you think the whole episode stemmed from jealousy? At that point, you were getting the most attention from Ray…

Flossy: It was pure jealousy. Jealousy and love are two things that will make a person do anything. When Luscious told me, “Are you scared to sleep at night?” it made me believe that they really would have done something to me that night. Combine love and jealousy and a person will act crazy and out of character. They would tell me, “You’re going to win, look at how you look at each other. You’re like a magnet, he goes straight to you.” And the same day they’re saying all this, they gang up on me. Even Heartbreaker said, “I’m trying to get her to do something to make Ray want to make her leave,” or whatever.

Rich: Did it hurt your feelings to be attacked like that?

Flossy: No. Not at all. I didn’t do anything wrong. It would have hurt me if what I felt like they were mad at was a legitimate reason. I would have been like, “Oh god, I’m a s***ty person. These people don’t like me.” But it was so stupid. Because I told Ray Heartbreaker was a stripper? I never said anything negative about strippers, I just said she was one! It’s not even like I was like, “Ew.” What they didn’t show was during that date with me and Platinum, we had gone to a strip club and learned how to pole dance. The only reason it got brought up was that I was like, “This would have been the perfect date for Heartbreaker,” because me and Platinum were joking about not knowing how to do any of that stuff and how hard it was. That’s when I said that Heartbreaker should have gone on the date, and when Ray said, “Why?” I said, “Because she’s a stripper.” And all they showed was me saying, “Because she’s a stripper.” I mean, she said herself during the dance challenge, “I shake my ass for a living.” They also played the clip of her saying that she gets on the pole when she’s bored. That’s a stripper. I don’t on the pole when I’m bored. My bartender friends don’t get on the pole when they’re bored. They stay at the bar. No one gets on a pole for fun. She’s a stripper, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Own it, like Baker from Real Chance of Love. She’s proud as hell to be a stripper and no one can tell her that it isn’t cool. If Heartbreaker’s as confident as she says she is, why wasn’t her attitude, “F*** you, Flossy. I’m a stripper and what?”

Rich: So then what happened? The drama seemed to really die down after that huge flare-up.

Flossy: Once they saw that they weren’t going to get to me, that I wasn’t going to do anything to get sent home, they backed off. Two days later, when we went to lunch with Lil’ B, Heartbreaker and Luscious apologized to me and told me they don’t usually do stuff like that and that they were sorry. I apologized, too, for throwing the drink back. And it was just squashed. We just never brought it up again. And then they started attacking Mz Berry, and then Exotica, so it was just them trying to push people’s buttons, and then when it didn’t work, they’d move onto the next person.

Rich: Do you have any resentment for them?

Flossy: Heartbreaker, a little, because she didn’t have to take it that far with throwing the drink. But it’s so old now that I don’t even care. I just would never be friends with her. But everybody else, I’m cool with. I love Luscious. I talk to her all the time on Twitter. She was basically just trying to get camera time, and I can’t fault her for that.

Rich: What did end up happening between you and Ray? You seemed to have the biggest connection with him and then it fizzled out.

Flossy: I just kind of stopped trying. I think I just got sick of competing. At first, I was the only person that Ray had a connection with, and then once everyone realized that they had to step it up, I just kind of lost interest. I liked it when I didn’t have to compete, when I was just like a magnet, as they said, and he would just come to me. Also, I wasn’t going to f*** him or give him head. I told myself I wasn’t going to have sex with him unless I won the show. I kinda started falling back a little, Exotica, too, and girls started stepping forward with the physical stuff. And it’s like, if you want to send us home for that, fine. That’s kind of what I think it was. There’s no way I just got sent home because I’m too young. He knew my age from the beginning and even defended it to Heartbreaker. She said I was too young and he said, “Well, she’s only a year younger than you are.”

Rich: You did cry when you were sent home.

Flossy: I think that was just the fact that it was over. Don’t get me wrong: I still liked Ray even after I stopped trying. I wish I could have met him in a normal setting. I was sad to be leaving him and the experience. But then as soon as me and Exotica got in the van we were like, “Yeah, we’re free!”

Rich: Any thoughts on peeing in the plant?

Flossy: I don’t know why it was such a big deal! Hasn’t anyone been drunk before and peed? They didn’t really make it clear that I was drunk. I barely remember my alone time with Chardonnay. Exotica and I kinda had a feeling we’d be going home next, or that one of us would be, so we were like, “F*** it, let’s have so much fun tonight. This might be our last night together.” I’m in a sorority, I know how to party. I got really drunk, and I peed. Whatever. People have done worse on reality shows. That’s the one bad thing I did on the show. Get over it.

Rich: Any regrets?

Flossy: My only regret is that I stopped trying so hard. I wish I had kept trying, because I know I could have made it further, if not won.

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