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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rival Battle Of The Week: Who Is More Weirder?

Brittany Starr: She was accused of stealing socks , she tries to be someone that she is not, she accused of Natasha for being on Rock of love because she was black. All the girls dislikd her on Rock of love bus, she makes herself the easy target. She acts bi polar at times. Her hair was pulled out by Beverly ans she talks shit about the other girls.

Renee: We don't know much about Renee like with Brittany Starr, but she is like Brittany Star. Most of the girls on Frank The Entertainer dislike, she acts needy and stalkerish towards Frank, she cries a lot as well.

What both of these girls have in common is that they are both WEIRD

So this weeks poll who do YOU think is more weirder? Brittany Starr or Renee VOTE

1 comment:

1HotA$$MILF4mPA said...

Brittany Starr was THE FREAKING WEIRDEST!!!!!!!!! Renee is a VERY NICE and SWEET GIRL, she is not WEIRD that is how she may come off at first but, once you get too know her she is not a bad person at all and a VERY NORMAL CHICK!! I mean come on I didn't see her saving USED BIKINIS AND SOCKS from the girls SOFTBALL game now did ya??

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