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Sunday, January 24, 2010

VH1access Interview: Stephanie Perry (Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar)

I recently did an interview with one of the 1st girls to get eliminated on Frank The Entertainer.. a Basement Affiar. Stephanie Perry. In my interview with her, she talks about her thoughts on her elimination, what she thinks about Renee, who was her BFF on the show, what she has been up since the show ect.

Here is the interview:

Vh1access: So how are you?

Stephanie Perry: Hey I am Great. Laughing, Loving and Living Life to the Fullest...

VH1access: How did you feel about your elimination?

Stephanie Perry: Elimination was a bunch of Bullshit but it's over now and life goes on. I think the jokes are on him now because i hear the ratings has dramatically dropped after the second episode. I had a lot of people/viewers watching that show just to see me and so many people has different opinions about his show,so i would say he getting Eliminated..Ha!

Vh1access: Do you think that Frank was too skeptical of you because you were a model?

Stephanie Perry: Of Coarse, that had a lot to do with it. I was not going to LIE to get on FRANK show,are your Serious??? This is Frank people. I believe i was the first target because anytime you go on a show as model people are going to assume you are a fame seeker or there for Exposure but that's Fine I will go home 1st being Real and with my Integrity!!! I am Still Stephanie Perry (the Model) and I am still Beautiful!!!

Vh1access: Did you had more scenes with him that we didn't see?

Stephanie Perry: Well it's not necessarily scenes America didn't see,it's more so they didn't show a lot of stuff that happened in the scenes you did see on TV. 90% of what happened in the house with me was not shown because they were to busy trying to show me defending myself again frank and those stupid questions he was asking me.

VH1access: What's your thoughts on Renee and her statement of you? She did not mention your name but it was obvious it was about you.

Stephanie Perry: Renee is Lame a Loser and a Fame Seeker. She is running her mouth about stuff that is False. She was NOT outside when i TOLD frank what i did know about him. When it comes to the comment about " jump starting there modeling career" I am A Established model that's has been in the modeling industry for 5 years with multiple accomplishments so "JUMP START???? she needs to Shut the Fuck up when it comes to me...Real Talk

Vh1access: It seems like you and Jenny are close, was she your BFF on the show?

Stephanie Perry: Yes she was my BFF on the show. When we got to know each other we clicked right way. I talk to her all the time. She is a great,Beautiful, Good hearted Person.

Vh1access: What's your thoughts on his parents, Susan & Gary?

Stephanie Perry: Frank's Mom is funny and out-spoken. People may say she is loud and annoying but i had no problems with her so she is cool with me. Frank Dad is real laid back,nice and Handsome.. i enjoyed them both for the time i was in the house

VH1access: What have you been doing now since the show?

Stephanie Perry: Since the show i still been modeling and doing multiple things so Stay Tuned America..

Vh1access: Would you do another reality show? Like I love money or Charm School?
Stephanie Perry: I will definitely do another reality show like I Love money or Charm school. I just don't want to do anymore Dating shows.
Vh1access: Will there be a Frank The Entertainer reunion?
Stephanie Perry: At this Point i am not sure if there will be a Reunion show But i do hope America.
Vh1access: Do you want to give a shouout to anyone?
Stephanie Perry: Much love to everyone
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