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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Viewers Choice Award 2009

Back in October I selected 30 VH1 Stars for the Viewers Choice Award, over 100 people have voted for their favorite VH1 stars, here are the results.

The 6 VH1 Stars with most votes are:

Hot Wings (Real Chance Of Love 2) 61.0%

Danger (For The Love Of Ray-J) 40.0%
Myammee ( I Love Money 2) 39.0%
Mamacita (Real Chance Of Love 2) 36.0%
It ( I Love Money 2) 31.0%
New York ( New York Goes To Work) 26.0%

Now the final 6 have been selected for viewers choice and now your job to vote for 3 of your favorites The one that has the most votes is the winner.

Vote Here

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