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Sunday, January 24, 2010

VH1 Interview: Luscious (For The Love Of Ray-J)

Taken from here is the recent VH1 interview which is Luscious from For The Love Ray-J.

It was hard to watch the last episode. Ray’s friends were terrible to you.

Oh, they were. They were so obnoxious and rude.

It’s one thing to go in and figure that you’ll play it up for TV, but when somebody comes crying to you, saying that you’ve hurt their feelings, that’s when you shut up, right?

I just feel like they were trying to do a replay of last season, but it’s a completely different situation. I was so upset because I shared with Ray what really happened with the whole “homie” situation and what really went down, which VH1 did not air for whatever reason. I’m not even going to throw it out there anymore. It’s something that I’m just going to let it die out on its own. But what really hurt is I felt like Ray knew the background of what really went down. Because of that, that incident with his friends shouldn’t have happened. I know you can’t control your friends, but the arguing between Young Buck and I went on a lot longer. Tom Green had my back before Ray J did. I know he was in on it, and chanting the whole stupid little song, but Tom Green had my back before anybody else. I had to call Ray J out, “Like really? You’re not going to have my back? You’re going to allow your friends to talk to me like this?” And that’s when he stood up for me. And that’s why I left. It wasn’t because of what they were saying or what they were doing. I mean, yeah, I was upset at that, but I understand that has nothing to do with Ray J. I need a man who’s going to have my back one hundred percent.

So there was never any point after that were you regretted leaving the way that you did?

No. I felt like I did the right thing. I really cared about Ray, and I really thought that I could win, but I’m not going to settle for less. I don’t care who you are and what you do. I respect myself. I went on the show looking for love, so if he lacks a quality that I need in my man, I’m going to let it be known. It’s like, “OK, if I end up with him, is he going to have my back the next time his friends go in on me like that?” You’ve got to think about your own future at this point.

Do you resent Ray?

No! Not at all! I don’t hold grudges, and the show was several months ago. I was really upset at the time, but I’m over it. It was a huge misunderstanding. I don’t think he even knew how far it was going to go, or how far I was going to take it. But a person can only take so much. You know? I put up with a lot. They kind of toned it down for a couple of episodes, but I put up with so much from everybody just bringing it up to me. And it was like, enough is enough.

I thought it was ridiculous that you were made to answer homie-smashing questions throughout the entire season.

I know, it was like nobody’s business! Ray and I talked about it, and it’s between him and I. I said I was celibate, I didn’t say I was a virgin. To me it’s like, unless you’re a virgin, unless you’re dating somebody with no friends, we’re all smashing somebody’s homie. My business, though, wasn’t something to chat about. Ray knows the truth. My castmates who were there during the lie detector test, they know what really happened. I’m not going to share it with the world, it’s my business. That’s why I was so upset.

I respect your privacy, but I wondered if you saw the extra from that episode where Dre talked about your hook-up at length and made some bold claims…

I mean, come on. He’s this huge liar, obviously. I don’t blame him, because look at him and look at me. I mean, seriously? You’re going to sit there and make up fake details about what happened? Any guy that’s going to kiss and tell, you shouldn’t believe. I even told Ray that he’s trying to put me under the bus. He’s using me and the situation. He’s trying to get fame out of the show at my expense. I think it backfired on him because a lot of people even saw that it wasn’t believable. They whole thing was seemed fake even to me. Like, “Oh, I see a girl, she looks kind of familiar…” You think I look familiar, yet you know my name?

Is it safe to say that you’re no longer friendly with Dre?

No, not at all. I think it’s very disrespectful, I think it’s very unclassy, and I think it’s rude. It’s one thing to look out for your friend, but whether those details were true or false–which, they’re false–what’s the point in that? It was two years ago, homie. I think he’s just upset that he’s tried to get with me for so long, and I never respected him after what went down between him and I. I never hated him. I always kept it cool with him, because we have mutual friends and we both work in L.A., but I never went out my way to be his friend. And the whole Twitter thing with the lie detector test; first of all, I didn’t understand a word Caliente was saying to me. The question was “Did I write to him?” No, my Twitter is an open book. Anybody can write me. It doesn’t mean I’m having conversations with him back and forth.

Did you have any idea that this would come up on the show, going into it?

I knew it was a possibility, but as for the circumstances of the situation between the idiot and I, I just felt like he wouldn’t be stupid enough to bring it up, because he knew the truth. And I just feel like if VH1 showed what really happened and what I really said, and about the certain questions that I had, he would have been under the bus so bad right now.

Well what stops you from throwing him under the bus now?

I’m choosing not to talk about it even more. I’m letting go of that whole thing, and I’m just going to let it die out on its own. I just feel like karma is a bitch, and he and his friends will get their karma one of these days.

It’s ironic that you came on this show touting your celibacy, and then your sexual history became more of a plot point than anybody else’s.

Yeah, it is ironic, and it is what it is.

Why were you celibate before coming on the show?

I mean, I don’t ever think I was too wild. I was young. I’m not a whore, but we all have a promiscuous side. I don’t ever think I was out of line in my life. I always knew how to carry myself. But we’ve had fun sometimes, you know? Earlier this last year, though, I really changed my life. I stopped going out so much, and I really just became a homebody. I started going to church, played sports, just stayed in my own little world. I really toned it down a lot. Part of that was, “I’m not going to be promiscuous, I’m just going to be celibate…not till I marry, but until I meet the right guy”. And I think that being celibate helps to meet the right guy, because then your relationship is not based around sex. It’s not a lust thing, it’s something real.

So you’re still celibate?

Yes. To this day. I don’t have a boyfriend.

What about dealing with some of the other girls in the house? You referred to Mz Berry as “Grandma.”

I don’t hate anybody, I don’t even hate her, but during the show I just felt like she put herself on a pedestal. She always had to be right, she was the old one, she thought she was the wise one.

What about Flossy?

I feel like they made me and Heartbreaker look like really huge bullies. I like Flossy to this day, but she was actually running her mouth off a lot: getting personal with me and Heartbreaker and Caliente, and just a bunch of girls in the house. They didn’t show that. They just showed us attacking her, but they didn’t show why we were attacking her: because she was running her mouth and bringing up our personal lives. I think she got off easy because people actually sympathized with her, and were upset with me and Heartbreaker being bitches to her. But we were just backing ourselves up.

You did tell her that she should be afraid to sleep at night.

[Laughs] I don’t even remember! I actually felt bad watching that episode. But then again, I don’t. I have to remember why I did what I did. I didn’t do it because I was bored, or because I wanted to pick on somebody. It wasn’t like that at all. We wouldn’t pick a new person each day to pick on. We had our reasons for doing what we did. I think we kept it the most real in the house, we had each others’ back. The whole Exotica thing where she said we were all butt naked in the tub with Ray; that never happened. It was like, “Come on you guys, keep it real!” And that’s why Exotica was the next person we picked on. Because she was running her mouth! She was saying all these lies about us, so of course we’re going to back ourselves up.

You knew Platinum before going on the show?

Yeah, that wasn’t a secret either. Ray knew that, the girls knew that. Plat and I were friends before the show. Everybody knew that.

Did you ever worry about what competing for a guy might do to your friendship?

No. I have so much love for Plat, and she and I got so much closer doing the show together. I wasn’t worried because I was there for Ray, and I really cared about him. And I really care for Plat, but we both knew why we were there. I wanted love, and I wanted it with Ray.

What did you think of her telling Brandy that Ray should choose Mz Berry over you?

I was kind of surprised, but that was her opinion. She thought that Ray and I only had physical attraction to each other. She didn’t see a mental connection, but she wasn’t there during our alone time. Mz Berry is obviously an emotional wreck and all over the place, so Platinum saw more of an emotional connection there. Just because I’m not being a psycho about it doesn’t mean that wasn’t there for Ray. But I play a fair game. If that’s what Plat’s true opinion was, if that’s what she saw, then that’s what she saw. But that’s not necessarily what it really was.

Any regrets?

No. No regrets. It’s life. I learned a lot on the show, I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about dealing with other people and certain situations. I’ve grown thicker skin, and I think to survive in this world you need to have thick skin. You realize who your real friends are. I don’t regret it at all, because it exposed so many things, like how mean people can be. And it’s just like, “Hey, this is the world. This is how it is. Get used to it.” I’ve gone through the worst embarrassment, and people being so mean and rude, and I’ve survived it. I came out a bigger and better person, I think.

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