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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Info on Megan Wants A Millionaire Guys

Now everyone knows that show was cancelled due to the controversy surrounding Ryan Jenkins and not many people any facts about the dudes and what went down on the show. I received an e-mail recently from a secret source about some facts about the guys from Megan Wants A Millionaire.

1) Sex toy dave was only there to promote himself shocking and was very honest about it , he was flown out for I love money 4 but was sent back because his "character was not right for the storyline"

2)TJ did win the show but the rumors are true and Megan did cheat with the Punisher

3)Most of the guys were not Millionaires but were wealthy at least most of them

4)Al turned out to be a douche bag to most of the guys and had the most drama along with Ryan but now gets along with most of the guys

5)Punisher and Francisco had drama on ILM4 but had drama and are cool now

6)Joe now lives in LA with Lil Hood and Lacey

7)Garth really targeted the trustfund guys Joe and James and they tried to get Garth eliminated by rattling him out to Megan after the piggy bank incident and one of the castmembers said after that he swore that Joe and James were hooking up in the other room because they were pretty drunk

8)A lot of the guys were also interested in Brandi C just as much as they were Megan

9)Shaun dated Marcia for awhile then she started dating Al

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