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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Thoughts on the For The Love O Ray-J Reunion (Season 2)

Okay so I've seen the For the love of Ray Reunion season 2 tonight. Here are my thoughts of it.First of all no offense to the host but I am so used to seeing Lala hosting these shows, it was weird seeing another woman hosting it. It didn't felt the same without Lala. I also noticed that they weren't that many girls at the reunion. The only girls that showed up were the well-known girls that we know, the girls that did NOT show up were Futtucini,Tipsy,Diego,Trouble,Paradeez,Adorable,Gifts and Just Right. The first girl that came up on the stage was Lava and she now has short hair like Mz. Berry. I guess she is trying to be like Mz Berry now lol but whatever, she got up and she was talking about her time in the mansion and her crazy moments. She is now dating an athlete I forgot what was his name. The next girls to come up were The Wolfpack Heartbreaker,Luscious & Platinum, they came up and they talked about Heartbreaker & Luscious smashing the homey. Extra started some drama with Heartbreaker calling her fake at the reunion. Then Jaguar came up and I seriously thought that she was going to be at the finale episode, you could tell that Ray-J STILL likes her and he KNEW that he did a big mistake by eliminating her. Then Mz Berry shows up, she says she hasn't seen ray-J in 5 months then surprise! surprise! Cocktial shows up! who won the 1st season of the show, she basically says Ray-J is a phony, he is not a one woman man and that Ray-J has seen her more than Mz Berry. Then they bought Ray-J back and Cocktial & him started fighting, you can watch the video of it that I posted. They began to fight backstage and it all ended from there.

I think that this reunion was better than the season 1 but it still doesn't beat the Flavor of love 2 reunion.

My Rating 8.5/10

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