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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sal breaks his silence about Christi

When I interviewd Christi, I asked her if Sal had a thing for her and she said yes based on bonus clips on Well Sal breaks his silence about Christi and he NOT happy! He also comments Renee saying that he feels bad for her.


“First I want to comment on the fact that Christi called my brother a loser. I think that’s funny. I’ve been quiet for a long time, listening to everyone call Frank a loser, and I’m curious to know: since when does living at home make you a loser? If Frank’s finances define him as a person, then I would agree that he’s definitely a loser, but there’s far more to Frank than meets the eye, and I’m sick of the snap judgments. I’m wondering if Christi knew before she auditioned for the show whether Frank lived at home. I just think it’s funny that Frank becomes a loser when she doesn’t have a key around her neck anymore. It’s not just her, it’s some of the other girls, too.

I also want to comment on Christi’s ex-boyfriend, Evan. There’s a loser for you. Christi claims he was tricked into saying they hooked up a few weeks before the show, but I want to know how somebody can be tricked into saying that. The truth is that Evan is a jealous man. He’s not even a man, he’s a jealous boy. He contacted me on Facebook after the show, telling me that Christi is his girl, and to stay away from her. That’s how I know that Evan said what he said in an attempt to get Christi sent home. In his delusional eyes, he probably thought he was getting his woman back. What I don’t understand is how, after all of this, Christi is still talking to and hanging out with Evan. I just hope she locks the doors tight at night.

Christi implied that she and I might be a little more than friends in her interview. I don’t like the way she was wording that. She was making it look like I’m calling her every night. She’s got nothing to lose, so she can say whatever she wants. I’m the one with the girlfriend here. Christi and I do talk often. When the show was filmed, I was single. I thought Christi was beautiful, I thought she was more my type than Frank’s, and for a second there, I was jealous of Frank. The truth is that I tried to get to know her better, but every time I tried to call her, the phone was “turned off” or “misplaced” [Ed. note: quotes added per Sal’s request]. After that, I got the hint.

Christi and I are definitely good friends now, but for the record, I do have a beautiful girlfriend named Alexis that I love very much. Christi’s interview made it seem like I was going behind Alexis’ back and trying to get with her, and that’s definitely not how I get down. When I said if she lived in New York, we’d be together, I meant it. But that was said months, not days ago. I don’t know what the future has in store for me and Christi. I do think she’s an amazing person, and I do think she has an amazing heart. But I will say this: if there’s a future for Christi and I, she definitely needs to get rid of Evan. I can’t stand him. He’s crazy. A threesome would be nice, but not with another guy. I don’t know, anything could happen. I could be single tomorrow. I could be single after Alexis reads this. I don’t know. But if her and I ever were to get together, this freak has gotta go. I can’t even tell you what my response was to him on Facebook. It wouldn’t make the VH1 site. I definitely wrote something disgusting to him.

I also want to comment on Renee, because I feel really bad about her. Everyone’s always picking on Renee. I’ve actually had the pleasure of getting to know Renee over the past couple of months. I’ll agree that Renee definitely comes off a little strange at times, but you have to admit that being in locked in a house with 14 other girls, competing with one guy is definitely a strange situation. I actually believe that most of Renee’s actions are warranted. I talk to Renee on pretty much a daily basis, and this is how she responds to abnormal situations. But believe me, in no way does this come even close to defining her as a person.”


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