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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tool Academy 3 Premeire Review

 Alighty, I just saw the premeire of Tool Academy 3. I'm glad that they changed it up this season and had 2 girls that were tools, it made it more interesting.  One of the girls is Jennavecia from Bad Girls Club season 3, she is one of the tools. So the premeire started off with the tools going to Cancun, Mexico thinking that they are going to party or win a contest or something like that. Um one of them cries a lot his name is Angelo, he is very sensitive lol There is one dude is the glowstick tool? I don't what the fuck is that lol For the first time this season there is a lesbain couple which made it more interesting and there is that wrestler dude, which I HATED the most, I posted his picture to the right. He was so cocky and conceited. He was worst tool of them all. The weeks group session was communication and there was this one dude who was jealous of Kyle who is Jennavecia's boyfriends because he was with his girl, which I think is stupid because your with Jennavecia so what's the difference? The challenge was like doghouse challenge? I thought the challenge was dumb but Kyle and Jennavecia ended up winning the challenge. I personally think Kyle deserves better is hr too serious for Jennavecia. Anyway at the wrestler tool quit and left his girl behind! He basicaly made an ass of himself on TV!  I felt so bad for Amanda. That was messed up.

My rating for the premeire 8/10

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