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Monday, February 15, 2010

VH1access Interview: Renee (Frank The Entertainer)

I just recently interviewed Renee who was the latest contestant to be eliminated on Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar. In this interview, we talk about the weirdness that she potrayed on the show and how she felt about that. We also talk about some of the girls on the show, how she felt about his parents and how she wanted to get into television.

Here is the interview:

VH1access Hello Renee, how are you?

Renee: I'm great thank-you for asking. :)

Vh1access: Now on the show, you were portrayed as the needy/weird girl on the show. How do you feel about that?

Renee: Well to be honest with you I'm fine with it. Everyone on these shows has to be portrayed as something, and I'd rather be known as the needy/weird girl than a whore, or a mean person. I found it entertaining, and I was laughing right along with everyone else.

Vh1access: Do you think VH1 made you look crazy on this show?

Renee: Yes, I do think that vh1 made me seem a little crazy... But it's impossible to show you 24 hours a day in a single episode, so all you see is bits and pieces, and what's obviously most entertaining.

But picture this. Your in a house with 14 other women, who are all competing for the same man. You can feel the tension, and they have all turned against you. You can't leave this house. You have no internet and no cell phone, so basically you just went into a time machine back to the 1800's, and all you have left to think about is what's going on in that house. You can either sit back and watch everyone else make their moves, and potentially be sent home, or you start making your own moves and stand out and take a chance. I choose to take chances.

Vh1access: How did you find out about this show? and what made you decide to audition?

Renee: I've done a lot of theater/acting, and I've always wanted to try television. I've always loved reality tv, and ever since I was a teenager I had always thought that I was meant to be on it. I know that I am a very unique and entertaining person. At first I had found about this show because I auditioned for the Vh1 show, "Tough Love". I was a finalist and had an on camera interview, but just didn't make the cut. It was then that Vh1 emailed me and asked if I'd either like to try out for Ray J's show, or Frank's. I wasn't interested in RayJ, and would never go for the love of someone that I wasn't interested in. But when I saw that Frank was having a show I was so excited. He had always been one of my favorite's on I love New York, and I love Money, and I had always thought that our personalities would mesh well. He's out-going, I'm out-going, he's creative, and I am too, and the list goes on. This was great timing for me because it was my first time being single in TEN years and not only would I be getting a shot at love with one of my fav reality stars, but I get the opportunity of a life time by being on Vh1! It was killing two birds with one stone! It was finally time to start living for me! There's a difference between me and I'd say 90% of most of the reality girls on these shows, and that is, your either open for love or your not. Everyone of course wants to be on tv, however I was completely open to anything that could of happened with Frank beyond that.

Vh1access: What are your thoughts on Dana? She seemed to have target you a lot on the show.

Renee: Dana, Dana, Dana... I'm not a huge fan of her's. There are things that they didn't show you on TV. Like how I was there for her before the talent competition, when she was drunk and upset about her mother. I held her, and calmed her down, and she seemed so thankful. Then next thing you know she wants to fight about absolutely nothing with me! It didn't make any sense at all. She's basically all about the drama, and my prediction is that it will catch up with her on the show. But whatever.

Vh1access: What girls did you get along with the most?

Renee: Jessica, Melody, and Mandy were my favorites in the house. They didn't really show that. Since the show I've gotten to know these girls much better, and I can honestly tell you that they are all very real and genuine.

 Vh1access: What are your thoughts on Gary and Susan?

Renee: Gary and Susan are wonderful people and make a great couple. I love how Susan doesn't hold back how she feels, she's got such a great personality, and makes this show so much fun to watch! I would have been blessed to be part of the Maresca family, it just wasn't meant to be with Frank.

Vh1access: Do you think that you would have stayed if you have never gone down to the basement with that costume on?

Renee: Honestly, no.... At that point in time I had felt deep down inside that I was going home. The costume was a playboy costume, and I thought it was cute and fun. Frank and I had talked about my Playboy costume's prior and he had told me he had wanted to see them sometime. LoL.

At that point I felt that if I was going to go home, and I might as well be entertaining while doing so, and it could turn out in one of two ways. One he could absolutely love it and want to see what I'd come up with next, or two it would be a huge joke... and well.... lol. Could have been worse. As you could see I was laughing the entire time, and really wasn't taking it all too seriously. It was harmless and fun.

VH1access: What have you been doing now since your departure on the show?

Renee: Since the show I've been getting back to normal everyday life. I work full time and support myself, which they do not tell you on the show. Remember when I had said that I don't NEED a man, I just want one? Well that's the truth, and that's because I'm actually pretty independent. I just would prefer to have someone to love. ;-) Since this experience I've met a lot of great people along the way, and it's still all surreal to me that this really had happened.

Vh1access: Would you do another reality show?

Renee: Absolutely!!! Although it was emotionally challenging, I now know that I would handle things a lot better now that I know what to expect. I'd love to do an I love Money, Charm School, or Tough Love! Just maybe this time I wouldn't go for a TV that weighed almost as much as me! LoL. I love Vh1!

Vh1access: Now you said on the show that you had two failed engagements and now you have just got eliminated on the show, are you still trying to look for Mr. Right and find love?

Renee: Yes I am... Unfortunately I do have a lot of men who have shown interest, but I just do not feel like they are the right fit for me... Maybe I just need my own show, dare I say.... "Desperate for Love", or "For the Love of Renee" hahaha just a thought. ;-)

Vh1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Renee: Yes, I want to seriously thank each and everyone one of you who has shown me support throughout this entire process. It really has meant so much to me, and I am so grateful. I consider everyone my friends. <3

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