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Friday, July 16, 2010

The OCD Project- Finale Recap


The finale of The OCD Project aired last night. Now I know that VH1 is not all that great with these new shows. I do give these new shows a chance to see if I like it or not. This show is one of my new favorite shows. I really enjoy it.

On the final week all five patients had a group meeting. They did their final exposures. David gave Cody a razor to shave piece of his hair since he fears of looking uneven. He succeeded by doing that. Traci had write in the birthday cake "My son is dying of Cancer" ask Kristin. Everyone touched her piece of the her cake and she had to touch it too and eat it.Then they saw video of them and how they have grown being in the treatment.  Each of them were getting ready to go home except for Kristin. She agreed to get transfered at another treatment to work more on her OCD.

Two months later passed an David visits ALL of his patients including Kevin. he first visits Cody, who is now in College. He is doing great now. His OCD has stopped and now he drives to school and has a cell phone without performing rituals. He then visits Jerry who doing better too, Arine is more outgoing now and doesn't stay inside her house anymore. Traci reveals that her mom got sick once she stopped her rituals and her mom told her not to do her rituals to see what happens. Her mom got better. her son is now doing more outdoor activities such as karate. He then Kevin who he let go because the program was too much for him. He is doing better now. He is now living in his new apartment and he now paints pictures.

Last but not least he visits Kristin at another treatment. With a smile she is doing better. She reveals that this treatment was more her speed. She also reveals that she wants continue beating OCD.

I really do hope this show will have a season 2.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The OCD Project- Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of The OCD Project aired last night. We are near to the finale of the show. This week David took the patients to their homes to overcome their OCD. Back at home they could relapse so that is why he did this. 
He took Arine first to her apartment. She had to drive and her level not as severe at the beginning before the treatment. She did the blood thing with David since she is afraid of contamination especially blood. He made her spread the blood all over her body and hair, all over her pillow and she had to kiss it. She also had  to go inside a dumpster. She deals with contamination much better Kristen. Kristen would have had a very hard time with that.

Cody was the only one who did not return, David wanted him to stay. He had makeover. The makeup artist made him look all jacked up all beat up since is afraid of looking disfigured. Kristen did not even want to go near him she said " I would not even kiss you with a normal face" Traci was next David took her home back to see her son, mother and grandmother. He wanted to see if she could flip the lights witch ONE time without thinking that her son die if she does not do her rituals. It was a success! He also took her to see her husbands grave.

Kristen was next, now she was harder to deal with ( not shocked) David took her home to reunite with her brother. He also took Jerry along for assistance. Since she feared contamination, Jerry came along to see how she would felt when a another person is in her safe bubble a.k.a her house. He touched her pillow and that bothered her. She also had to spread urine to her clothes and bedroom which I thought that was crazy she says "no one would spread urine in their bedroom" which I agree, I do not have OCD and would NEVER put urine in my bed. She then threw a fit once again saying "this is bullshit" with her princess act. Jerry then lay down her bed, touched her clothes. She had to deal with that. She was pissed about that.

Then he took Jerry home, he had to thrown way things that were not useful to him anymore. The reason why he kept the things were not useful was because he had bad thoughts that his things will cause bad to happen if someone else had them. He did though.

Back at the treatment. Kristen was still pissed off what happened and Jerry had enough with it  he said "she needs to quite her princess act" which I agree. at the end Dacid thinks she has not enough progress and wants to transfer to another program to continue with her treatment.  She was very upset and she said  "No i just want to go home?

Friday, July 2, 2010

The OCD Project - Episode 6 Recap


The OCD Project - Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened on this episode. It was one of the best episodes of the season.

Okay, so last week's episode ended with a cliffhanger when David told Kevin that was a lot more going on with than just OCD. David thinks that Kevin might have Asperger's Syndrome. So at the beginning of this epsiode David told Kevin that he should seek help someone else because he thinks this is not the right treatment for him. Kevin was REALLY pissed off about that and I kinds felt bad for him. So he told everyone that he was leaving all the other patients were shocked. He then left.

At the group meeting David did some quick exposures with each of the patients. Couple of weeks ago Jerry hold a knife on David's wrist this time he put the knife on his neck. Hid level was really low which was a good thing and said "I am not afraid anymore" He did a good job on that. He also did an exposure for Kristin. He made  everyone to touch her face since she is afraid of people of touching her face because of contamination. She freaked out when everyone touched her face and David his hands on her face for a couple of minutes, her level went down afterwards.

Kristin was not done yet. Her main exposure for the day was. She had to go a gas station and touch the gas pump which freaked her out she says that she never wants to touch the gas pump. David made her touch the gas pump, rub the gas pump all over her body and then she had to kiss it. Which to me was bizarre but she did it! Which I was surprised she normally throws tantrums on something that she doesn't want to do.

Nest were Cody and Jerry, this one was intense. Since Jerry has urges becoming a killer and Cody fearing that he will become someone else. David took them to jail! The police arrested them, they took mug shots and they had to spend the whole day inside a small cell. Both of them were freaking out but they stuck it out and did it and then went home. at the house Kristin wanted to go to the jacuzzi. David said she could bt with one catch. She had to the jacuzzi with urine in it which I thought was gross. So he poured in a quarter cup of someones urine poured it in the jacuzzi. Kristin along with Cody and Jerry went took a dip into the jacuzzi.

Arine was next with her exposure. She revealed that she was more afraid of driving at night during the day. So that is what she did. David made her drive at night. She was driving solo with David on the phone talking to her. She had pass people behind her without fearing she hit them with the car. She did a pretty good job on that.

Last but not least Traci's exposure was a funeral for her son, since she was afraid of death and losing her son. She had to pick a coffin and write a eulogy for her son. She was freaking out. Then she went to the church and saw the rest of the patients sitting and the coffin with her son's picture. She was crying and thought that she could not do it. She got there read the eulogy about how it her fault why her son died because she did not do her rituals correctly once she read it her level sunk low.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The OCD Project- Episode 5 Recap


Episode 5 of The OCD Project aired Thursday night. Here is a recap of what happened.
They all had a group meeting with David and David revealed the performance scores. Everyone went down since being there, except for Kevin. He increased which isn't good.

He was pissed off about it. David revealed to them that there will be going to a haunted hospital which one of the highest death rated. Each patient had a session with David in the hospital. David took Cody into this room that had writing in the wall since he was afraid of becoming someone else.

He then took Traci into a morgue. He a picture of her son and she had to put his picture inside as morgue. She was terrified since her fear was death. But she did it. With Arine he took her tot he hallway and on the floor I don't know what it was but it looked drops of blood and he made her touch it and rubbed it around her clothes and face.

Kevin was the most difficult one. He took him into this room and had to perform a hex. He had to reapeat "I want to got he hell" over and over.  Once David, Kevin then said "I didn't mean it" and he messed on that. David made him go back and made him undo it, Which raised a lot of concerns if this was the right program for Kevin.

David made Jerry take his knife and used Arine as bait to see if he had urges to kill her ( yeah creepy) he did not do thing, which was a good thing. Oh yeah Jerry withdrawn from everyone for 2+ hours. Without speaking.

Once they returned home. David told Kevin that he isn't sure if this program was right with him. Which left him pissed off. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The OCD Project - Episode 4 Recap

The OCD Project - Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of The OCD Project aired Thursday night on VH1. Here is what happened.
This week the families of the patients came to visit them. Arine's monther, Cody's mother, Jerry's sister, Kevin's dad, Kristin's brother and Traci's mom and her son.

They all had a one on one meeting with  David Trolin. Arine reveals that her and her mother are withdrawn from eachother and David thinks that Kevin might have Aspergers Disorder. Then, David had an exercise with Traci and Kevin. They had Traci's son and Kevin's dad in a TV moniter checking their heart rate.
Traci and Kevins think that with their bad thoughts something will happen to them. So David made them say stuff like "I wish you die" "Die Shawn" ect I could not even do that and I don't even have OCD. I understand what they were going through. Davis also tested Jerry out. Jerry has thoughts of becoming a killer which is creepy so, so David made him hold a knife over his arm. His sister was terrify not knowing what he would do. Turns out he did not do anything.

One part that really made no sense to me is when Arina, her mother and the woman with the glasses ( forgot her name) ate pasties in the damn toilet. Who does that? That is gross period having OCD or not that is just GROSS and not normal to me. I didn't understand that.

Meanwhile with Kristin, she got upset when her clothes were put into the washer without her permission and of course she threw a tantrum. But her brother calm her down. At the end of the episode threw yet another tantrum and wanted to go home, she called up her brother to pick her up but her brother refused to pick her up and told her to fight her OCD. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

The OCD Project- Episode 3 Recap

The OCD Project - Episode 3 Recap

This show is getting really good now. The 3rd episode aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. On the last episode Dr. Trolin told them " no more OCD" he wants them to get over OCD by becoming uncomfortable about certain situations.  Arine's fear is hitting people with her car, so David took her outside and gave her this crazy challenge where she is in her car and David threw dummies and baby dolls at her while she was in the car.

To me that was crazy but she did a good job. David also invited this tattoo woman for Cody and Kevin. They  fear writing certain bad numbers such as 666 on their arm will cause something bad to happen and that is what they did. But Traci was disgusted by it she did not want to particpate and David started to become concern because she looks as if she does not care about the program.

Later on David took Cody, Arine, Jerry and Kristen to a place where there are homeless. Cody fears he will become one of them so David made him wear clothing that made him look homeless. He made Jerry give out meal coupons without thinking about bad thought and for Arine and Kristin facing their fears of contamination by giving the people hand shakes.

Arine did a good job but Kristin did not. Kristin is starting to get on my nerves. Why is she there if she isn't willing to fight her OCD? Back home Traci was pissed that David Trolin doubted her so she wrote her fears on dozens of paper and paste them all over the wall, she then broke down crying about losing her husband to cancer back in 2003.

At the end of the episode Arine and Kristin had to take 5 minute showers. Kristin took longer than that, her shower was 8 minutes longer. At this point I do not think Kristin cares about changing she already wants to go home.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The OCD Project- Episode 2 Recap

The OCD Project - Episode 2 Recap

Sorry, I am a bit late with the recap. Here is what happened on the 2nd episode of The OCD Project. The six patients had a one on one with Dr. Tolin. Arine revealed to David that the reason she fears hitting pedesrtrians is because she lost her father and and grandfather because of it.

Cody reveals that the reason why he touches his nose, shirt ect is because he is perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect.  Then they had a group meeting and they wrote on a piece of papr how they felt about their OCD and David made them record their thoughts. Traci. however could not participate she feared that something bad would happen to her son.

The next day their task was to go grocery shopping to see how it effects their OCD. Arine had to drive which freaked her out.  Jerry had to give the money to the cashier. When they arrived. They had to watch a 30 minute tape on how their OCD will effect them. 

At the end of the episode David Tolin revealed their won't be doing their rituals anymore. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

The O.C.D Project: Premeire Recap


The premiere of the OCD Project aired last night here a recap of what went down. This show show is about 6 patients that suffer from OCD. The first person we were introduced to was Kristin. She has an obsession with  washing her hands and feet. She is afraid that dirtyness will contaminate her. She walks around with hand sanitizer and everytime she touches someone she has to wash her hands.

The second person we were introduced to was Arine she has a fear of hitting a person with her car. She reveals that her grandfather and her father both had gruesome car accidents and that is the reason behind it. She also as a fear of HIV and diseases.  Cody who the youngest patient has a disorder of touching things, more particularly his nose and chest. His disorder caused him to do homeschool. He also does rituals by tossing and turning in bed in sets of 18 times.

Jerry has a fear of harming someone else. He has been diagnosed with his OCD since he was 11 years old. Realtionships with other people are impossible he fears that his OCD won't be accepted.  Kevin has had his OCD since the age of six. He missed out a lot in his childhood. He fears that bad things will happen and that puts curses on other people. 

Traci was the last person we were introduced too. She fears that her son will die and does multiple rituals around the house such as flipping that light switch on and off which her son does not like. She feels the constant of dread 24/7.

At the end of the episode Dr. David Tolin showed up and explained to them this 3 weeks won't be easy. I have to the premiere was pretty intense.

Read the VH1 interview with Dr. David Tolin  here

also vote in our new weekly poll did you enjoy the premiere of the OCD project?

Monday, April 26, 2010

The OCD Project- Supertrailer

Watch the supertrailer here The OCD Project is VH1's newest show that will air Thursday May 27th. This show focuses on six people thata are diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We will see how they live their lives with this disorder and how it effects them and their family. Dr Daid Tolen will treat these people each week to reach their goal and transform.

This show looks very interesting an intense.

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