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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 interviews Jessica Cimato

Jessica Cimato from VH1's You're Cutt recently did an interview with about the show.

Jessica Cimato, one of the breakout stars of “You’re Cut Off,” cosmically connected with Astrochicks today for a fun one on one interview.  We wanted to get the inside scoop on the show and find out what our Sagittarius girl is all about.
Jessica a princess from the Jersey Shore just like Snooki, originally thought she had been selected to appear on the show “The Good Life.” After flying out to Hollywood, the producers took our Jersey girl shopping and as fans saw in the first episode, Jessica’s credit card was declined. At that moment, Jess found out that VH1 had flipped the script and she had been cut off.

Like a trooper, she decided to move forward with the show and finish the eight weeks of shooting. Although Jess was shocked by the living conditions of the house and bunking with 8 girls she said,  “Really put me over the top.” No kidding, what a downer that pad was.

What about her BFF’s? Who did she bond with on the show? Jessica says, “Chrissy we laughed a lot, and I’m really close with Gia.” Who did she get along with the least? She replied, “Most definitely Jackie, Erica and Pam. ” Jess did add she gets along with the girls much better now, since they don’t have to live together anymore. Sharing a house with 8 spoiled girls has to be tough. Especially Sagittarius girls, they really need their space and freedom!

In episode three, Jessica came face to face with the “Queen of Mean,”  Perez Hilton and Astrochicks was dying to find out what he was like in person. Jessica says, “I was initially intimidated by Perez. He says what others are thinking. In person, he’s actually very down to earth and nice.”  Perez an Aries and Jess a Sag, naturally connected as fire signs. Nice to know that Perez is a cool guy.

Next question was is she a reality show junkie like us? Jessica says, “I love Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina was my favorite up until she left.” What about Danielle Staub? She says, “I can’t stand her, we have a local neighbor is who just like her, we even call her Danielle Staub to her face.” Jess added she has a secret crush on Albie Manzo as well. He’s definitely a cutie.

What about boys, who is Jessica dating these days. She told us she’s single and ready to mingle. What astrological signs has she dated in the past? She says, “A Capricorn which was a mistake, Libra another mistake and Scorpio definitely a mistake.” Interesting combo? Does she follow Astrology?  Jessica says, “My best friend is a Leo and we are obsessed with Astrology. When we meet guys, we always ask his birth date.”

What about her Capricorn guy, why didn’t the love connection work? She says, ” My Capricorn guy was hard headed, set in his ways, and very argumentative. We fought on all the time.”   She went on to say although the Libra was charming and good looking, she thought he was too insecure. The Scorpio, way too intense and he loved to argue too much as well. Astrochicks thinks Jessica should give a Leo or an Aries a try, they would have passion, fun, and lots of laughs.

Now that the show is airing, what does Jessica’s family and friends think about “You’re Cut Off?”  Does she feel that VH1 has portrayed her accurately? Jessica told us every Monday night her friends come over to watch the show with her mom and her. They think it’s funny but like a good friend, they don’t hesitate to point out when they think Jessica was wrong. Also, she thinks the edit of her personality was 98% accurate, although some clips made her cringe.

Which brings us to the question everyone wants to know, does Jessica still live with her mom? The answer is yes. Sadly, Jessica and her mom lost her father in January 2010. Struggling with the loss of a man they love so much, the show has actually helped the two have a better understanding of each other. Jessica says, “After the show, I have a new appreciation of my mom. I love her even more, and I think she’s absolutely wonderful. She’s is the one person in my life I admire the most, her strength and her big heart.” Awww, that’s sweet!

In the end, what was Jessica’s best experience on the show and her worst?  Jessica reveals the best experience is yet to be aired. She says, “In the seventh episode VH1 will show my life changing moment.”

What about the worst experience?  Jessica says, ” In general, the different personalities that I had to deal with. “  She added the arguing between the girls took a toll on her. Also, she upset many of the girls with her directness. She says, “Would you rather have me lie to you or be honest? ” Sagittarius girls love to tell it to you straight.

What are Jessica’s plans for the future? Does she have any entertainment career aspirations? Jessica says, “I would love to do comedy. Stand up or Improv. I love SNL and would do anything to work for Lorne Michaels, I would even be the janitor, just to get my first big break.” Her favorite comedians are Vince Vaughn  and Molly Shannon . She thinks Molly has great comedic timing and loves the characters she created for SNL. Vince Vaughn, well he’s a hottie and totally funny.

Astrologically, Jessica Cimato definitely has the personality and passion to become a television personality. The next year should bring her new career opportunities and even a serious love interest. Just stay away from the Capricorn and Libra’s Jess! I wonder what sign Albie Manzo is?

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