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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're Cut Off- Episode 4 Recap

You're Cut Off- Episode 4 Recap

Don't expect to watch You're Cut Off tonight. The show was moved Monday nights which means episode 4 already aired this past Monday.  Here is recap of what happened.

This week was all about earning money. Laura Baron  told the girls that will seek employment and get jobs which the girls did not like. Gia said" I am rich I do not need to work". The girls had to work on that resumes. Most of them did had much to add into their resumes. Leanne did some volunteer work and Erica was in law school. 

Gia refused to do her resume. She did not want to kiss nobodys ass to get a job. For once I actually agree with her on that. I hate kissing people's asses too. So she did not do anything. Then they had to go for an interview. Everyone did an interview except for Gia. During the inerviews, Erica said that she wants to be like Judge Judy and Nancy Grace but prettier that is what she said lol Chrissy being vain that she is says used her looks and hotness to get hired and did "her walk". Jessica complained about how much she will get paid saying it was not worth it. The next day Laura had a surprise for them and that surprise was the girls had to go to work! They all had to get up 7:30am. Everyone was ready except for Chrissy. She thinks people should be waiting on her. She says " everyone needs to be waiting for the star" So they left without her because she was taking her sweet time in the bathroom.

Thy showed up in this shoe factory. They all had job positions. Jackie, Courtnee and Jessica has to do the phone calls, Leann and Pam has to do the envelopes, Gia and Amber had to carry boxes and look for shoes. Which Gia complained about and last but not least they gave Erica the manager position because she was in law school.  Gia and Jessica were pissed abut that. Now this is when it started to become hilarious Erica annoyed everyone especially  Jessica and Gia telling them what they should do/checking up on them and they were not happy. Erica told Jessica that she wasn't doing a good job talking to customers on the phone. Gia told her that "you are not manager" and was pissed off that Erica was looking at her. I felt like Erica purposely  tried to piss them off. She kept saying " I am in law school" like a thousand times trying to annoy them.

Erica told the guy that Gia was being disrespectful. Then Gia quit because of her. They all received their checks of $70 which they felt they should received a whole lot more than $70. Once they got home Laura had a special treat for them in the backyard to relax. They had massages, spray tanning ect. They had to use their check for it. Then Chrissy came thinks that she could join them. But she wasn't aloud because she did not work and did not receive a check and then she said " you guys are haters, you guys are just jealous" and she stormed off.

Erica was talking to Leanne about Gia and Jessica which they heard her talking about them. So they went to her room telling her to shut up. Larua Baron pulled Jessica aside to find out what was going on with her. Jessica revealed that her father dies of blood clots and that her personality changed after his death. Which i felt really bad for her. At the end of the episode, everyone passed except Chrissy ( not shocked) and Gia. Erica won V.I.P which left Gia really pissed off. She began to cry and freak out and she stormed off outside wanting to quite the program.

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