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Monday, June 21, 2010

Basketball Wives- Reunion Recap

Basketball Wives- Reunion Recap

The reunion of Basketball Wives aired last night on VH1. It was pretty good. Here is what happened.

The reunion show was hosted by Tanika, the same chick who hosted the For The Love Of Ray-J 2 reunion. I have nothing against her but I miss Lala Vasquez hosting these VH1 reunion shows. But anyway everyone was there except for Gloria (not shocked) she chose not to attend the reunion. I will post WHY she did not attend right after this blog post.

They talked about each of the girls. All of them except for Gloria like Royce, Evelyn revealed that they are now investigating her stalker and those text messages. Jennifer is still with her husband Eric. The climax of the reunion show came with when Sandra a.k.a the groupie showed up and the audience booed at her lol and then she was talking about that she hosts parties, she is a single mother, a business basically trying to promote herself on THEIR reunion that's how I saw it. She revealed she knew Eric (Jennifer's husband for a while) and that she did not know that he was married until she saw his staus on his Facebook page. She said Eric's marriuage to Jennifer is just "business" Then her , Suzie and Jennifer went back and forth at eachother. Jennifer called Sandra "delusional" and then Suzie walked off stage and came back with a bucket of water and threw it at her lol. She was pissed and storm off stage to beat her her ass I guess. 

Couple of weeks ago I posted an article about that. Suzie was arrested because of that and spent a day in jail. At the end Royce began sobbing that how close she became with these girls. 

The reunion was pretty good in my opinion. Tanika announced that season 2 starts in the fall

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