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Monday, June 21, 2010

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business- Episode 10 Recap

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business- Episode 10

Episode 10 of Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business aired last night on VH1. Here is a recap of what happened.

Sonja called down Shay and Ryan for a short meeting to talks about their positions at the job. Sonja thinks that Shay has potential to become a manager as for Ryan he is up there. So Sonja took notes ans tries to step uo her game. Ray-J did an interview with Hip Hop weekly and told Ryan that Universal Records wants to make a deal with him. Ray-J is considering signing the contract with Universal Records.
Meanwhile, Shay called up a dude for Brandy so she can produce a sitcom. Ryan being nosy as hell was listening at the door, which I think was rude. Shay met up with Brandy ans she got call from Ryan and he told her that she was going to work with Danga. Shay thinks that Ryan feels threatened by her which I agree. The only reason why all of a sudden he stepping up for Brandy is because Shay is stepping her game for Brandy.

Ray-J wanted to tell his mom about the deal with Universal Records. She wasn't feeling  it. She wants Ray-J to finish the record first then do the deal. Shay had the meeting with the guy for Brandy then she met up with her again and told her about it. Brandy was impressed with Shay taking her job seriously.

 Brandy went to the studio with Danga and she enjoyed it they were experimenting. different beats. Ray-J sent up his family up for dinner because he has a special announcement to make. He arrived and he revealed that he said yes to the deal with Universal Studios despite of his mom saying no. She didn't like it but she respect his decision. Then Rodeny Jerkins stopped by to talk about ray-J's album. Brandy wanted to help out but Rodeny cut her out and told " you can come when the album is done" Brandy was pissed off about that. 

After that, Brandy had dinner with Tyrese and she told him about what happened with Rodney Jerkins. Tyrese thinks it's not about Rodney its about Ray-J and the dynamic between them. Brandy agreed with him. At he end of episode Ray-J was having dinner with Universal Records to sign the contract. Brandy showed and apologized to Ray-J for what happened.

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