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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ton Of Cash- Episode 7 Recap

Ton Of Cash- Episode 7 Recap

Summary Of Episode 7 Recap
With Vegas just over 100 miles away, the competition is heating up. Friendship means nothing when there is this much cash on the line, and when an unexpected financial advisor is chosen, the two alliances are undermined as one member starts secretly playing both sides. This test is unlike any other, as contestants are responsible for their own burden, and it quickly becomes clear who is pulling their own weight. When it comes time to choose who is in the bottom three, one contestant's future could rest in a contract between his best friend, and his worst enemy.

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Episode 6 Recaps

Lala's Full Court Life- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6 Recap
When reports surface that husband Carmelo Anthony has a secret baby, La La learns the hard way just how tough the gossip blogs can be. But things only get worse when she discovers that a fellow Knicks' wife has a major beef with her. Will La be able to nip these rumors in the bud before they ruin her reputation?

The T.O Show 2- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6 Recap
Terrell accepts an invitation to be a groomsmen at his cousin Tony's wedding in Alabama. There, he advances an obvious and potentially emotional opportunity to reveal to his family details of his recent surgery and impending financial changes which could impact everyone. Mo and Kita also join an emotional Terrell at his Atlanta home, which has recently gone up for sale.

Basketball Wives L.A- Episode 5 Recap

Basketball Wives L.A- Episode 5 Recap

Summary Of Episode 5 Recap
The group takes Draya to task over sitting out Jackie's wedding, and Imani's frustration with the single life results in a new resolve to get back in the game. Also, Laura discovers that Draya has had a lot to say about her to someone outside the group.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ton Of Cash- Episodes 5 and 6 Recaps

Ton Of Cash- Episodes 5 and 6 Recaps

Summary Of Episodes 5 and 6
On episode 5, tension thickens when the cast heads deeper into the unforgiving wilderness. At 8000 feet, no one can hear you scream, and with below freezing temperatures, any step could be your last. In what is surely the most treacherous challenge of the entire season, the financial adviser is put to the test, and risks a financial meltdown that could leave the team with nothing. On episode 6, Down to nine competitors everyone celebrates a birthday in style. The night ends with the birthday boy in his birthday suit and one person plotting the demise of an alliance. Atthe challenge a sudden twist in game play forces alliances to be revealed to everyone.Tempers flare as sides become clear, while two competitors become closer than ever.Will bonds that have been made be enough to keep people safe or will poor performance finally punish the weak?

The T.O Show 3- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

The T.O Show 3- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

Summary of Episodes 4 and 5
On episode 4, Basketball icon and friend John Salley offers Terrell sage advice on maneuvering the waters following a sports retirement and encourages him to focus on what he loves. Salley also amps up the mischief as he drags Terrell, Monique and Kita through Miami's nightlife, which culminates into a rousing (and revealing) bikini contest. Kita's feathers ruffle once again when an unexpected visitor from her not-too-distant past arrives at the condo. On episode 5,Anxious to bring more visibility and financial gain to his barbershop, 'T.O. Cutz", Terrell brainstorms a shortlist of ideas with his staff. Monique and Kita however recognize a much bigger opportunity for the business and railroad everyone in their path to see things their way, causing a chaotic turn. Separately, and flexing a new found independence, Monique hooks up with an old business friend who grooms her to become a radio personality.

Lala'a Full Court Life- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

Lala's Full Court Life- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

Summary Of Episodes 4 and 5
On episode 4, La La's life has been turned upside down since husband Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks. With no time to prepare for a move and left to handle the stress on her own, La and her young son Kiyan are overwhelmed by the NY paparazzi, numerous ticket requests and a clan of boisterous relatives. Good friend Po and cousin Dice arrive in town to help out but will they be able to cheer up their friend or is all just too much for La La? On episode 5, La La has had little time to adjust to her move to New York, but the newly crowned "Queen of New York" is ready to embrace the city with a whirlwind press tour including a stop by the Wendy Williams show. But when the scandal-hungry media attempts stirs up trouble between her and the other basketball wives, La La is in danger of becoming another victim of bad press.

Basketball Wives L.A - Episode 4 Recap + Poll Results

Basketball Wives L.A- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
Love is in the air at Jackie and Doug Christie's Vegas wedding, the 16th time they have tied the knot, but feathers are ruffled when one of the girls goes AWOL.

Poll Results:
Do You Like Basketball Wives L.A?

It seems like most of you prefer the Miami version

No- 59%
It's okay- 25%
Yes- 15%

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ton Of Cash- Episode 4 Recap + Poll Results

Ton Of Cash- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
After three straight weeks under the radar, some of the girls are beginning to feeloverlooked, and undervalued, and decide to take a stand. Facing their most gruelingjourney yet, the stakes have never been higher, nor has the drama. Will the weakestcompetitors find themselves fighting to remain in the game, or will personal politics rule the day and put the target on an unwitting player?

Poll Results:
Do You Like Ton Of cash?

NO- 57%
YES- 42%

Famous Food- Finale Recap

Famous Food- Finale Recap

Summary Of The Finale
It's the night they've all been waiting for. Finally, after all of their hard work Mike and Lonnie will chose a partner. Yet with mistakes made during the previous night, one potential partner makes a shocking decision and it turn's into anyone's game.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Episode Recaps (Week 3)

Lala's Full Court Life- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
It's NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, and with the trade deadline just a few days away La La and Carmelo Anthony are still uncertain about their future. La consults long-time friend 50 Cent on how to handle the situation, but even this cannot prepare her for what awaits when Melo is traded and the family arrives in their new city...

The T.O Show- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Terrell, now up and walking, agrees with Kita on a move to Miami where they can both focus on professional and personal goals: Terrell considers a tighter fist on his finances and a future outside of football, and Kita, a possible romantic liaison. With a fresh new look Monique's awkward arrival to Miami threatens the very foundation of their "One Team, One Dream" friendship they've worked so hard to keep intact.

Basketball Wives L.A- Episodes 2 and 3 Recaps

Basketball Wives L.A- Episodes 2 and 3 Recaps

Summary Of Episodes 2 and 3
After a rooftop altercation between Malaysia and Laura, Tanya finds herself the surprise recipient of the group's disdain.  Also, Imani tries to keep a secret about one of the girls close to the vest -- but can't resist calling Draya  "worthless." Jackie prepares for her annual renewal of vows to Doug Christie and she invites Draya  Also, Jackie's bachelorette party nearly boils over when some surprise guests turn up the heat. Imani confronts Draya about some stuff she heard about her on the internet. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Famous Food and Ton Of Cash- Episode Recaps

Famous Food- Episode 9 Recap

This Wednesday is the finale. We will find out who will win.

Summary Of Episode 9
After a grueling 28 days the restaurant is open to friends and family for a trial run but as the first guests begin to arrive the night quickly turns to chaos as guests start complaining and equipment starts breaking. Can the team pull together to make this night a success or is the Lemon Basket at risk of never opening to the public?

Ton Of Cash- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Twelve people remain on a quest to win big money, but some are concerned about apolarizing team member still being in the game. The team's next test requires them tohaul the money through obstacles on a bridge in Downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile,one contestant asserts her dominant personality and targets another for eliminationcausing an argument of epic proportions. Will her plan succeed, or will she put a target on her own back?

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Premieres Recaps (Week 2)

Lala's Full Court Life- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
La La is back in Los Angeles to host the red carpet festivities for Critics' Choice Awards and celebrate Kelly Rowland's 30th birthday. Wanting to make Kelly's day one to remember, La treats her friend to a day of surprises with a trip to the gun range, her first tattoo, and a visit from Serena Williams! After a doing it big for Kelly's birthday, La La is ready to kill it on the red carpet...but when her dress is missing only ten minutes before red carpet showtime, will shebe able to keep her cool?

The T.O Show 3- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
Recovering from surgery, Terrell's doctor says the road to recovery will be a challenging one if he wants to play football the upcoming season. Ever determined, Terrell denounces his timeline and puts a plan in motion to be fit and ready in half the time. Much to Kita's chagrin, Terrell enthusiastically appoints her nursemaid as she fumbles through bedpans and dinner menus, while Monique, still in Los Angeles, creates family upheaval as she grapples with her own next moves.

Basketball Wives L.A- Premiere Recap + Poll

Basketball Wives L.A- Premiere Recap

This past week "Basketball Wives L.A" premiered with 3 million viewers.

Summary Of The Premiere
In the series premiere, a fresh group of West Coast basketball wives, girlfriends, fianc�es and exes�deal with life in SoCal's hottest hub for gossip and game.� Also, the addition of controversial model/actress Draya to the social mix makes waves and an 
unexpected�blowout between Laura and Malaysia turns ugly.

New Poll:
Did You Like "Basketball Wives L.A"?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Famous Food and Ton Of Cash- Episode Recaps

Famous Food- Episode 8 Recap

Summary Of Episode 8
The Team is put to the test when Scott drops the ball on the design forcing them to seek alternative measures. And with time running out before the opening of the restaurant, it's make or break for Juicy as he's run out of chances with Mike and Lonnie putting his partner DJ Paul in a tough position.

Ton Of Cash- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2

Summary Of Episode 2 Recap
After a grueling first week, the harsh realities of the game are beginning to set in, and it has become clear that, in order to survive, you need to show the team that you are here for one reason only: to move a ton of cash. With Chuck being  financial advisor motivated by revenge, things don't go as planned. When the dust settles, someone needs to take the fall, but no one is willing to admit his or her mistakes. Tempers flare, accusations fly, and tears are shed when it comes time to narrow down the bottom three. Will vendetta rule? Or will the team band together and weed out the weak.

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Premieres Recaps

Lala's Full Court Life- Premiere Recap

Here is the premiere recap of Lala's new life in NYC since her wedding.

Summary Of The Premiere
It's been just six months since La La Vazquez became Mrs. Carmelo Anthony, and already the couple's quiet life in Denver is about to be turned upside down. With the NBA trade deadline looming La La spends what could be her last days in Denver enjoying a visit from Kelly Rowland. The girls cheer on Melo and the Nuggets court side and challenge him and his teammates to a bowling match. But when things get competitive, a bet causes one of the girls to lose their shirt -- and the rest of their clothes, too!

The T.O Show 3- Premiere Recap

Summary Of The Premiere
Football Superstar Terrell Owens' faith is put to the test as he finds himself faced with emergency ACL surgery and a professional future in turmoil. With an unclear prognosis, Kita races to Terrell's side in Pensacola, Florida where she lends her support. But without Monique she questions her own strength to help Terrell get through it. Ultimately, Terrell's recovery presents time for personal reflection as he sets new goals and revisits his faltering relationship with Kari.

Celebrity Rehab 5 - Finale Recap

Celebrity Rehab 5- Finale Recap

Summary Of The Finale
The patients have one final process group where they discuss concerns about one another. Celebrity alumni from season four pay a visit to the Pasadena Recovery Center to share words of wisdom and encouragement. At the graduation ceremony, the patients read letters they've written to their addictions aloud and then burn them in a fire in a symbolic and emotional gesture meant to help them say goodbye to the terrible disease that has cost them so much.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ton Of Cash- Premiere Recap + Poll

Ton Of Cash- Premiere Recap

Ton Of cash premiered last night. If you think I Love Money was hard, watch this show. London (winner of Daisy of Love) baby mama is on this show.

Summary Of The Premiere
In these tough economic times, people will do almost anything to get their hands on some cold, hard cash. Starting on the beaches of Malibu, fourteen broke contestants will be competing for the chance to win $1,000,000. The catch is, they'll have to work together to haul it almost three hundred miles, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Each week they'll face grueling physical challenges that will push them to their limit. After every challenge, two contestants will be voted into a "Prove Your Worth" battle where the winner stays, and the loser goes home.with nothing. In the end, only one contestant will leave Vegas with the cash, and wipe out their debt. This is Ton of Cash.

Did You Like Ton Of Cash?

Celebrity Rehab 5 - Episode 8 Recap

Celebrity Rehab 5- Episode 8 Recap

In this episode the staff finds out that Mike Starr passed away.

Summary of Episode 8
As graduation approaches, Dr. Drew and his staff check in with the patients to discuss their aftercare plans and to help them make their home environments safe. Bob accompanies Jeremy Jackson to his apartment where they discard of tens of thousands of dollars worth of dangerous supplements and steroids. Dr. Drew meets with Sean Young and her husband Robert to discuss how he can support her sobriety, and Jessica Kiper wrestles with Dr. Drew's recommendation that she enroll directly into sober living upon graduation.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Basketball Wives 3 and Single Ladies- Finale Recaps

Basketball Wives 3- Finale Recap

Summary Of The Finale
In the powerhouse season finale, Chad and Evelyn get into it when Evelyn spots him having lunch with another woman. Also, Jen's wild divorce party heats up when her date for the evening arrives. Jen and Eric get into it as they threw drinks at each other.

Single Ladies- Finale Recap

Summary Of The Finale
Val is more overwhelmed than ever after she receives two shocking surprises. Just when Keisha thought everything about Malcolm had been revealed, she gets dragged further into his murky past. One heartbreaking chapter of April's life closes, but another promising one opens. Christina's brutally honest live journal about Val is discovered... by Val.

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