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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stacks and Fransico on The Maury Show?

 Today Isaw  something interesting. I was watching the CW and Maury was on. Well I was watching the show and saw two familiar people. Stacks from For The Love Of ray-J and Fransico from Megan Wants A Millionaire were on!  They were both on Maury which to me was very ironic since both of them came from VH1 dating shows and very random seeing them there and its funny because I do not watch Maury everyday, it just so happens today I catch an episode. The topic was "Secret Crush Fantasies". There was a guy name Ray Lavender, yes another thing that is ironic she competed her love for Ray-J. Same name lol anyway he had a secret crush on her. When she found out she was happy about it. 

Then after that Fransico came out and his secret crush was a blonde swimsuit model, which is ironic because he competed his love for a blonde which was Megan until the show was canceled, But the funny part was he wasn't feeling her! He made up excuses and said "I don't want to jeopardize are friendship" that is a polite way of saying I am not feeling you lol The audience began to boo. 

I just  thought it was weird seeing not one but two VH1 people from a VH1 dating show on Maury on the same episode.  FYI: Saaphryi appeared on The Tyra Banks show before she Flavor Of love 2.

 Stacks on Maury

I do not have the video when Fransciso appeared. The original Episode airdate two months ago.

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