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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Went Down On I Love Money 3

So someone from heard this info from a cast member and a crew member of what happened on  Love Money 3. It sounds pretty interesting. 

What Went Down On I Love Money 3

The team captians from the 1st challenge was Weasel(Green Team) and Big Rig(Gold Team) 
Ryan was paymaster ALOT. 
There was a challenge similar to the stripper pole challenge. 
The checks from ilm4 were in ILM3 
The part in elimination where they had to pick boy then girl/girl then boy started in ILM3 
Ryan, Lacey, Buckeey,Deelishis were in an alliance. 
Ryan Backstabbed Lacey and voided her check when he said he wasnt. 
Alot of castmembers have said it was a one-sided season the whole game because Ryan controlled everything and won 8 or 9 out of 15 challenges. 
Weasel and ryan got into 2 physical altercations. 
Weasel was in the box around 9 times or im pretty sure it was 9 times which is more than anybody in i love money. 
Lil Hood and Joe were really close this season 
alternates include Gia(ROL Bus),Big Mike(MWAM),jessica(ROL2),rabbit(RCOL)Mr Wise(ILNY2) 
Ryan was the Punisher,Tailor made of this season because he dominated the season. 
Ryan was 1st back to back paymaster this season. 
Big rig got injured and had to go 
Cocktail was like megan and wore bikinis every elimination 
Cashmere and Cocktail were in a alliance 
This season Cocktail and Cashmere were in war with Deelishis and Buckeey.They hated each other. 
Buckeey Liked Pretty. 
There was a challenge called ''Dont Break The Piggy Bank'' 
Deelishis liked Ryan and thought he was cute 
Cashmere and Deelishis got into a physical altercation. 
Buckeey,Cashmere,Ryan made fun of Bubbles 
Marcia and Cocktail got into a physical altercation during the Elimination. 
lacey,weasel,Deelishis,Lil hood,Professor were NEVER Paymaster 
Some Gold team members include Big rig,cocktail,sinister,Lil hood,buckeey,lacey. 
Some Green Team members include Weasel,cashmere,joe,professor,cashmere. 
Buckeey throw her drink at bubbles and then got into an argument with lacey 
Ep 2-Green Team won the challenge. Ep 3-Gold Team won the challenge. 
Was the best i love money season ever.

Here Is The Elimination Order Again:

17.Marcia – So basically Cocktail stole big rig from her and Marcia got her check voided and then slapped Cocktail with it. 
16. Sinister 
15. Joe – Backstabbed by Ryan. Ryan was paymaster and eliminated him. 
14. Deelishis – Disqualified for hitting Cashmere. 
13. Big Rig – Had to leave because of an injury. 
12. Professor – Ryan was paymaster again and backstabbed him. 
11. Fox – Was apparently the Brandi C./Buckwild/Cornfed of the challenge. He sucked badly 
10. Pretty 
09. Buckeey 
08. Lil Hood 
07. Cashmere-Voided by Ryan 
06. Lacey-backstabbed by ryan who was paymaster and voided her check 
05. Wolf 
04. Bubbles – Did the worst on the final challenge. 
03. Cocktail – I’m not sure if she was eliminated by a jury or by a paymaster or if she did the last challenge and just came in last. 
02. Weasel – Runner Up. Tried to attack Ryan. Ryan hid behind Craig. 
01. Ryan – Winner. 


Ryan said...

credit please.

Anonymous said...

of course it sounds like he made the season what it was, because he was cuckoo. it all makes sense! shame, crazy people make for good tv.

Anonymous said...

I have to say there is A LOT of contradictions in this post.

1) If there was girl, boy, girl, boy picking then that would mean a girl was going home regardless.

2) Ryan couldn't be paymaster a lot in the beginning because once you are team captain you can't be it again. You wrote he void Joe and Professor's check. He can't do that.

3) Weasel was in the box 9 times without being sent home? How could it be that Ryan sent him home when he had the chance? If they didn't like each other and weren't in an alliance how was it that Ryan didn't send him home.

4) Ryan didn't win, Weasel did because he said he lasted 37 days on the show. If Ryan's check for being on the show was $5200 and the pay is $150 per day. Ryan was on the show 35 days.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few changes this season ofI love money 4. Beofre ILM4 you could be paymaster as many times in a row as you wanted as long as the team agreed. It wasnt until this seasont ehy made the rule that everyone had to have a turn. I think one of the reasons they made the change is so people, like Ryan, dont dominate completely while its still teams.

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