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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mob Wives- Episode 9 and Finale Recap

Mob Wives- Episode 9 and Finale Recap

Here is what went down on episode 9 and the finale. The reunion show will air in two weeks.

Summary Of Episode 9 and Finale
Renee discovers Junior has been deceitful and is forced to make a decision about their future together. As Carla's husband is released from prison after serving six years, she realizes that her kids are finally going to find out that their father has been locked up all this time. Meanwhile, Karen finishes the first chapter of her book and gives it to Drita. The gesture brings up feelings that Drita thought she had put behind her and reignites her rage towards Karen.

On the season finale, Carla adjusts to life with a husband out of jail, Renee is ready to turn a new page. Drita continues to steam about Karen giving her the first chapter of her book and when stunning revelations about Lee surface, Drita is pushed over the edge. When Drita attempts to lay it all out on the table during a sit-down with Karen and the other women, all hell breaks loose.


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