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Friday, July 22, 2011

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Does An Interview With "The Media Fanatik"

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose did a new interview with The Media Fanatik. She talks about being on "The Bachelor" and "You're Cut Off". She also talks about being on the 2nd season of ""The Bachelor Pad" which will premiere in August. She also talks about Casey Anthony.

1. Where are you from and What was your childhood like?
I'm from Houston, Texas.  I had a very happy childhood and grew up with very loving parents and my brother, Ben who is two years younger than me and my best friend.  Our parents raised us like twins and there was nothing that we wanted and could not have.  We were always encouraged to do well in school and we played a lot of sports together and had all of the same friends. We ended up going to the same college and law school and took a lot of classes together.

 2. You became a household name while appearing on Season 9 of the Bachelor. What was that like & what did you learn?
It was definitely life-changing! Before I did "The Bachelor" my life had always been very normal.  I went straight from high school to college and then I graduated with plans of getting a regular job.  I went through a hard break-up and was living with my parents so it was my dad's idea for me to do "The Bachelor".  The attention that I received from it was crazy!  I had people like Kelly Ripa talking about me and impersonating me.  I was just being myself, but watching it now, I was a little ridiculous.  I also don't think a lot of people understood my sense of humor.  I had to get used to people saying not so nice things about me and even sending me hateful emails.  I developed a really thick skin after that and learned who my true friends were.   I realized that as long as I have the support of close friends and family members, then the opinions of random strangers do not matter.

3. Are you excited to be returning to the franchise on the Bachelor Pad 2? How did that come about?
Yes!! I'm really excited about it.  I was asked to do it and immediately I knew that it was something that I had to do.  I've grown up and changed a lot in the past five years since I appeared on "The Bachelor" and I think it is really important for me to show that.  Also, I really love the other contestants on the show and had met some of them at different reunions so I was excited about spending the summer with them.  It really was like camp! 

4.  You were a fan favorite on Season 1 of Your Cut Off. How was it living in the house?
Living in that house was crazy, it was no "Bachelor Pad"!  The girls on that show were very different than anyone I had every been around before.  They all craved attention and drama and some of them wanted to fight constantly and even tried to get physical.  I'm not into that and I'm a pretty peaceful person.  I get attention in other ways than just being loud.  Regardless, I was able to get a lot out of the experience.  Living with less helped me appreciate everything that I have in my life and now I'm a lot more economical and pay attention more to prices than I used to.

5.  Not only are you a reality star you are also a Law Student and an Entertainment Law Expert that has appeared various times on the Dr. Phil Show. What is your take and opinion on the Casey Anthony case?
From a legal standpoint, she had a great defense team and so from a future lawyer's perspective I can appreciate that.  I think too many times people get upset with the attorneys like they did with Robert Kardashian from the  OJ trial and they don't realize that the Justice System would not work without good defense attorneys.  I do think it is sad that this trial gained so much attention when it is based on a tragedy that happened to a little girl.  I can only hope that Casey Anthony does not enjoy the negative attention that she has received for being a bad mother and that she does not profit from it.

6. What advice could you give to people who want to follow their dreams like you have?
Just that we only have one life and so live it however you want and definitely follow your dreams because you don't want to have any regrets.  There are always going to be haters and doubters but as long as you know who you are and have a strong support system then they don't matter. 

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