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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evelyn Returns To Twitter and Addresses The Rumors

Evelyn Returns To Twitter

Evelyn returns to Twitter after she announcement that she was quitting the show. She also had a few words about the Terrell Owens rumor.

@ OH 1 MORE RUMOR TO CLEAR UP ME &  NEVER dated before/during my relationship with  People are sick & karma is a bitch!

@ It's sick & pathetic that u make money trying to hurt people's lives by posting bullshit! I will not sit back & tolerate it!!

@ I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever done! I keep it 100 at all times! If any of those rumors were true, then hey so be it! LIES LIES LIES!


Anonymous said...

They are not lies you hoe! Quit trying to erase that garden tool of yours. Ocho not yours for long. Believe that, and pay me royalty for it when it happens.

Anonymous said...

evelyn is such a hoe, she thinks she is the shit but she is not get over ur self honestly!

JohnJo said...

it's so funny how you guys are obsessed with trying to prove Evelyn to be a hoe. the only person the show ever shows her intimate with is ochocinco and prior to that it shows that she was on a few dates while she was SINGLE. if ya'll were half of a s bomb as she is ya'll would of been doing the same thing. but since you're not i guess you found a way of passing time by trying to bring down the hotter people of todays world. sad. Evelyns hot and shes hood which i gotta love. and if its guys that are writting these negative things about her then either you liked her in the past and got turned down by her or you're GAY. that is all.

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