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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is VH1 The Reason Why T.I Went Back To Jail?

TMZ reports that the VH1 crew may be the reason why T.I went back to jail. VH1 was filming his upcoming VH1 show about him adjusting his life after prison.

"According to the incident report when T.I. was released from prison on August 31, he was under specific instructions to be transported to his halfway house -- where he would serve the remaining 30 days of his sentence -- but he could ONLY travel with his wife ... and he wasn't allowed to conduct business on the bus.
But prison officials say T.I. also had his manager, along with 2 VH1 producers on board. Prison officials believe T.I. and his crew were yakking about his reality show as well as a book -- a violation of the rules."


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