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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ton Of Cash- Episodes 5 and 6 Recaps

Ton Of Cash- Episodes 5 and 6 Recaps

Summary Of Episodes 5 and 6
On episode 5, tension thickens when the cast heads deeper into the unforgiving wilderness. At 8000 feet, no one can hear you scream, and with below freezing temperatures, any step could be your last. In what is surely the most treacherous challenge of the entire season, the financial adviser is put to the test, and risks a financial meltdown that could leave the team with nothing. On episode 6, Down to nine competitors everyone celebrates a birthday in style. The night ends with the birthday boy in his birthday suit and one person plotting the demise of an alliance. Atthe challenge a sudden twist in game play forces alliances to be revealed to everyone.Tempers flare as sides become clear, while two competitors become closer than ever.Will bonds that have been made be enough to keep people safe or will poor performance finally punish the weak?

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