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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

VH1 TLC Biopic Movie Seeking Out Extras Who Can Represent The 90s

Seeking Out Extras

Do you want to be an extra in the TLC biopic movie "Crazy Sexy Cool"?  Here is your chance. The producers are looking for extras who achieve the 90s look.

What they are looking for

Male Hip Hop Dancers, Ages 18-22 (Potential for speaking roles)

Female Hip Hop Dancers, Ages 18-22

ANYONE with 90’s hairstyles – Kid N Play Fades, “Rachel Cuts”..etc

Roller Skaters Ages 18-25

CARS, BUSES, LIMOS, FROM 1980’s – 2002 (Anyone that has a car from this time frame is welcome to submit their automobiles)

1991-1993 Pathfinders

1991-1993 Dodge Neons

People that can do any 90’s dance styles (do not have to be a “dancer”)

Bouncers, Bartenders, Cops

Girls with a ROUGH look, this could be TOUGH-looking, Large “and in charge,” or just a general intensity or anger about them. Must be willing to change their hair if necessary.

Looking for an African American woman with amblyopia for a featured role.

Also looking for an African American woman with a disabled arm for a featured role.

Sound/Music Technicians - Looking for males only - Caucasians, Asians, and African Americans with EXPERIENCE IN A MUSIC STUDIO.

MC Hammer Impersonator (MC Hammer from the early 90’s)

Experienced Doctor - 40's-50's Male or Female

We are also looking for the following Stand in Positions: EXPERIENCE A PLUS

Female 1: African American Female 5’6 – Weight proportionate/Fit

Female 2: African American Female 5’3 - Weight proportionate/Fit

Female 3: African American Female 5’4 - Weight proportionate/Fit"
Do any of those roles sound like you? Email

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