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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Judi Talks "Bad Girls: All Star Battle, Reunion Show and Special Episode


Exclusive: I had the opportunity to do a post show interview with Judi who was on "Bad Girls: All Star Battle" which ended its first season last week. She reveals that her and Flo were 'much closer' then what was shown on TV. She also says that reunion show is going to be "crazy" and "ratchet". She also hints that she might return as a veteran for season 2.

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We saw you get eliminated from 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle"  Did you expect to get eliminated? 
No I expected to win, just like Love Games. 

Did you feel like Flo betrayed you? 
She def did. We were closer than what was shown. She was like a big crazy sis. But after a while I knew I couldn't trust her. 

Which girls did you get along with the most in the house? 
The twins and Julie. But I was cool with everybody ironically. 

What was your favorite challenge? 
My favorite challenge was breakfast in bed. Even tho I didn't do good, I was the only bad girl with a challenge named after them 

On the first episode, you freaked you when you found out Ray-J was the host.  Are you a fan of ray-J? 
Ray J is a cool guy. I also met him at BET spring bling back in 2008. 

Also , on the show Natalie Nunn said that you want to be like her. What is your response to that?
No, I don't. I love being Judi and I'm an original as well. 

Did anything else happen on the show that did not air on TV? 
A lot! Special episode coming soon. Lesbihonest! Haha 

What can we expect to see during the reunion show? 
Craziness and ratchetness! And me crying of course 

On twitter, you tweeted something about season 2. When can we expect a 2nd season of the show? 
Maybe so :)

Out of all the shows you've been on, what is your most favorite? 
Love games 

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