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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jai Talks Season 13 and Confirms New Show

What's In Store For Judi In 2015

I did an exclusive interview with 'Bad Girls Club' star Judi Jai. She talks about her experience on 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption" saying she wasn't happy being on the show and wanted to leave. She also speaks some of her beefs she had on the show. She reveals that producers gave Rocky and Jada 'some slack" for the fuckery they did on the show. She confirms a new show coming to Oxygen.

'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' is coming to an end but I noticed it was only 10 episodes. Was this season intended to be short? -----

No. The season was suppose to be its normal length. Filming for about 3 months with 13/14 episodes and a 3 part reunion. I know it sounds very cocky... But when I went home the entertainment slowed down, and when Jada got sent home the show was a wrap. After Rima was so boring and not really bringing anything to the show, Production decided to wrap it up early and not waste anymore time or money flying out replacements to prolong filming. They literally stretched out Natalie and My stay as long as they possibly could with the footage that they had.

You were kicked out the house because you making "threats" to other girls. How do you feel about that?----

 It wasn't just the threats, I wasn't really happy there or having a good time. It's one thing to  be 21 and drinking and partying like I did on season 7 in New Orleans, but it's a completely different story when you are on a drinking restriction and all the girls around you are drunk and you aren't allowed to have hardly any liquor. Not saying you can't have fun without alcohol... But we all know I love to turn up. It was like putting a steak infront of a dog and not letting the dog eat it. At the same time, I'm a 25 year old grown woman. Getting my stuff destroyed and messed with was sooooo 2011 when I was new to this. It's childish and petty now. Some of us have brands now and have done more stuff outside of BGC. Why aren't we promoting that? At this point I have nice things. It just was NOT the same and I think THAT was my redemption and shows how much I have matured since my season. Producers kind of looked out for me. They knew I wanted to go home but also knew I  wasn't going to be weak about it and just leave. Being pushed to my limit was a blessing. They wanted me to get my sh*t together and come back to the reunion and stunt in a better mind frame. And that's exactly what I did :)

I know that a lot of stuff get edit out. Jada said in an interview that she piss on her body wash. Did that ever happen? and what else happened that we did not see on TV?----- 

Jada did infact pee in my bodywash. At this point the world knows she is a liar so I don't think I have to explain myself. But Danni, Camilla, and Sarah confirmed it. Including Rocky when she didn't defend it when I brought it up at the reunion. I don't know if that part will air. Jada was already escorted off stage by the time I got out There. It's a lot of stuff people won't ever get to see that happens. Let's just say Rocky, and Jada could've looked a lot worse than what was shown. Producers gave them some slack. But they letting it all air out on the reunion. You just won't see any clips. But listen closely to the arguments.

You, Dani, and Julie had a fallen out this season. Are you guys still not talking to eac other? You also had beef with Rima who came to house after you left. What was that about?----- 

Me DANNI and julie were never BEST friends. Me and DANNI were cool and me and julie were closer. Julie was like my BGC bff. We didn't see each other on a normal basis... Only when we were both in LA getting casted or hosting a special. We were friends though. Texts, phone convos, etc. I do not speak with julie anymore and danni every now and then. Rima Jada and Rocky made a video on Instagram talking crap about me natalie and Sarah before the reunion. In reply I said why is Rima talking she is irrelevant. I DID NOT KNOW RIMA enough to have beef with her. I met her once at a booking I did with her and christina while their season was airing. Rima just wanted to be known for something and now she will be known for sneak attacking someone who can't fight. Great redemption, Tina.

I recently saw you, Natalie, Sarah, and Flo at "The Boys Club" auditions. How was that experience? and are we going to see a "Bad Boys Club"?----

It is called BAD BOYS USA NOT bad boys club. Natalie has more info on that. She's the one that's hands on with that.

I also heard that you were asked to do another Bad Girls Club spin-off show soon. Any truth to that?----

Yes it's true. I was casted and sent in stuff for my reel. Can't speak much more about it. But it's not bad girls club related. But it is Oxygen and BUNIM Murray produced.

Is there anything else you are planning to do in 2015?----

More movies, more scripted roles, TV, expanding my brand. More traveling and perfecting my crafts. My radio show resumes on January 3rd, 2015. You can listen every Saturday on More charities...hopefully more endorsements.  I will also be finishing college. I only have about one year left. You can keep up with everything *me* at

Saturday, November 1, 2014

PICS: Reality Stars Dress Up For Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Here are some of your favorite reality stars dressing up for Halloween

Judi (Bad Girls Club)

Julie (Bad Girls Club) as Elsa Mars from American Horror Story

Natalie (Mob Wives) as Kim Kardashian

Royce (Basketball Wives)

Monday, October 6, 2014

'Bad Boys Club' Casting Starts In D.C

'Bad Boys Club' Auditions Start

Today 'Bad Girls Club' stars Natalie, Flo, Sarah and Judi met up with potential 'bad boys' for the pilot 'Bad Boys Club' which started casting in DC. I guess they will be picking who will join the pilot for the show. Last month, Natalie Nunn made an announcement about the potential show

Thousands of guys showed up for a chance to to be on the show which still has response from 'Bad Girls Club' fans. Some people think the show will not happen, but we will see.

Natalie tweeted most of the men who auditions were escorts, porn stars and even a preacher's kid!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Judi Talks "Bad Girls: All Star Battle, Reunion Show and Special Episode


Exclusive: I had the opportunity to do a post show interview with Judi who was on "Bad Girls: All Star Battle" which ended its first season last week. She reveals that her and Flo were 'much closer' then what was shown on TV. She also says that reunion show is going to be "crazy" and "ratchet". She also hints that she might return as a veteran for season 2.

Follow her on Twitter

We saw you get eliminated from 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle"  Did you expect to get eliminated? 
No I expected to win, just like Love Games. 

Did you feel like Flo betrayed you? 
She def did. We were closer than what was shown. She was like a big crazy sis. But after a while I knew I couldn't trust her. 

Which girls did you get along with the most in the house? 
The twins and Julie. But I was cool with everybody ironically. 

What was your favorite challenge? 
My favorite challenge was breakfast in bed. Even tho I didn't do good, I was the only bad girl with a challenge named after them 

On the first episode, you freaked you when you found out Ray-J was the host.  Are you a fan of ray-J? 
Ray J is a cool guy. I also met him at BET spring bling back in 2008. 

Also , on the show Natalie Nunn said that you want to be like her. What is your response to that?
No, I don't. I love being Judi and I'm an original as well. 

Did anything else happen on the show that did not air on TV? 
A lot! Special episode coming soon. Lesbihonest! Haha 

What can we expect to see during the reunion show? 
Craziness and ratchetness! And me crying of course 

On twitter, you tweeted something about season 2. When can we expect a 2nd season of the show? 
Maybe so :)

Out of all the shows you've been on, what is your most favorite? 
Love games 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bad Girls Club's Judi Says Joseline Did Not Jump Her, But Argument Did Happened

Joseline VS Judi

Judi, who was on the 7th season of Bad Girls Club, and Joseline from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta got into a heated agrument last night while Bobby V and Joseline held an all white party.

Mediatakeout first reported the story. here is what what went down

After the White party Judi meets Bobby V at the hotel . . . .while in the lobby Joseline walks down [looking] mad ass hell. 

Judi being her, trys to ask her whats wrong - but [Joseline] gives her the cold shoulder. After that, Judi goes on her rant [about] how she verified on twitter, [and has] 3 shows [on tv] etc. [Then she] calls joseline a stuck up b*tch and tells her she ain't Beyonce. Right after judi yells "you got the maid outfit on" [and] Joseline jumps up and tries to attack Judi by grabing her shirt. Her security breaks up the fight and hotel security is called.

Now I know that mediatakeout post a lot of false stories so I tried to gather what really happened. Judi told me on twitter that the argruemnet part did happened, but Joseline did not jump her.  

Sidney Starr, who was also there tweeted she saw the whole thing

So far Joseline has not commented on the incident... yet. 

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