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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Celeb News: Zendaya Drops Out Aaliyah Biopic

Zendaya Drops Out

I guess Aaliyah's family got what they wanted. E Online just reported that Disney star Zendaya Coleman will  "no longer be be involved in the biopic" due to obtaining rights to Aaliyah's music. She was supposed to record some of Aaliyah's music for the movie. Last week, Aaliyah's family came out saying they will block the rights to her music.

No word yet of the biopic will go one with another actress but it sounds like this biopic will get shut down. Kesha Chante and Lolita Price ( who both look more like Aaliyah) has come out recently and said they both did not want to do the movie if they did not get Aaliyah's family's approval.

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