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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rapper Shawty Lo Dies In Car Crash At Age 40

 Shawty Lo Dies In Car Crash

This past week, rapper Shawty Lo was killed in a car crash in Atlanta at age 40 this past Wednesday. According to reports he lost control over his vehicle and hit a tree which caused his car to burst into flames.  He had two female passengers with him who both survived.  The coroners confirmed that he died from 'blunt force injury to the head' and his death was ruled accidental. Just last year, one of his baby mamas also died in a car crash.

His celebrity friends such as T.I, Lil Kim, Scrappy and others pay tribute to him on social media


Friday, September 2, 2016

VIDEO: Ray-J Responds To Chris Brown's Police Drama "I think its' wrong and sad"

Ray-J Defends Chris Brown

Ray-J is one of the latest to defend Chris Brown's recent drama with the police. This past week, Chris brown was recently arrested for allegedly pulling a gun against a girl name Baylin Curran, then later LAPS found no evidence. 

Chris Brown was still arrested and post a $250k bail

Ray-J's video

Friday, November 27, 2015

SIP TEA: Farrah Franklin Claims Beyonce 'Covered Up' Why She Left The Destiny's Child

Photo/ Youtube

  Ex Destiny Child Member Spills Tea

Ex Destiny Child member is spilling some tea to VLADTV about why she really left group back in 2000. In the video, she claims that Beyonce 'covered up' the real reason why she left the group. Back when Beyonce was on MTV's TRL she said that Farrah skipped several shows which was the reason why they let her go.

Farrah claims that was not true and that she never skipped a show. She blames poor management on why she left group and she thinks the group tried to make her look bad and ganged up on her. She also puts Mathew Knowles on blast

"Ultimately, it was management, he did get kind of loud... It's not a way you would want somebody treating your 18-year-old daughter, fresh out of the hospital from stomach flu and dehydration,"


Monday, October 26, 2015

SIP TEA: Rihanna's Ex-Publicist Admits To Creating Jay-Z Dating Rumors For Publicity

 Rihanna's Publicist Admits To Rumors

Rihanna's ex-publicist is responding and coming clean to a decade long rumor that Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with Rihanna when she  came out 10 years ago. There is a new unauthorized book about Beyonce titled "Becoming Beyonce' written by J. Randy and in the book it states that her publicity made the rumor that Jay-Z and Rihanna had an affair

Inside Edition did an Interview with Jonathon hay who was her publicist and he says he created the rumor of desperation to boost Rihanna's debut single 'Pon De Replay"


Saturday, January 31, 2015

CELEB: Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized After Being Found Unconscious In Bathtub

Bobbi Kristina Hospitalized

Whitney Houston's 21-tear old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was found Unconscious in her bathtub early this morning as her husband Nick Gordon and a friend found her called 911. TMZ reports  her husband and friend performed CPR on her until the abulance arrived. She is now in 'stable condition'. Almost three on Feb 12th, her famous mother was found dead in a bathtub. many people speculated that this might have been suicide attempted since Whitney Houston 3rd death anniversary.

CELEB: Beyonce's Dancer Miss Kysn Opens Up About Touring With Her and Illuminati

Miss Kysn Talks About Touring With Beyonce

One of Beyonce's back-up dancers name Miss Kysn was on Have A Seat radio early this week she opened up about touring with Beyonce. She says that touring with her for Mrs Carter touring was one of the best experiences in her life. She also performed with the Superbowl in 2013. She also was asked about the Illuminati obsession surrounding Jay-Z and Beyonce and says' people will believe anything'.

Listen Here

Saturday, January 17, 2015

CELEB: Amber Rose To Appear In Oprah Winfrey's New Documentary 'Light Girls'

Amber Rose To Appear In 'Light Girls'

It looks like Amber Rose will appearing in Oprah's new documentary called 'Ligth Girls' which will air this Monday on OWN. 'Light Girls' will explore the issues of colorism in the black community. Actress Tatanya Ali and singer India Arie will also be sharing their story in the new documentary which is the sequel to 'Dark Girls' 

Here is the trailer

Friday, December 19, 2014

CELEB: Azealea Banks Breaks Down Talking About Iggy Azalea and Black Culture. WATCH HERE

Azealea Banks' Hot 97 Interview

Female Azalea Banks did a controversial interview with Hot 97 where she talked about her issue with Iggy Azalea and white artists stealing black culture. We all know she has been beefing with Iggy and T.I n twitter for quite some time. In the interview she says that she is 'misunderstood' 

I definitely have some really strong opinions and some really strong things to say about things, but I’m never trying to force my opinion.”

She also accuses Iggy of jacking Nicki Minaj's style and calls out the Grammys for putting Iggy in the rap category. She also breaks down in the interview.

“When they give these Grammys out, all it says to white kids is, ‘You’re great. You’re amazing. You can do whatever you put your mind to.’ And it says to black kids, ‘You don’t have shit. You don’t own shit, not even the shit you created yourself.’ And it makes me upset.”

Watch here

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CELEB: Lil Kim Says K. Michelle Is A 'Bag Of Trail Mix' I Breakfast Club Interview

Lil Kim Talks K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj Beef

They say they are two sides the story. Two weeks, K. Michelle was at the Breakfast Cub talking about her drama with Lil Kim in her interview. Now it's Lil Kim's turn. She describes K. Michelle is a 'bag of trail mix' meaning that she is nuts. Lil Kim also says she only met her once and denies that she the godmother of her baby. During the VMA twitter drama, Lil Kim says K. Michelle should have called her to about her fans attacking her. 

She also talked about the Nicki Minaj beef and says she started it with 'Queen B" line in the Flawless remix with Beyonce. She says their beef is much deeper. 

She also reveals she supports Deb Antey No RIP movement

Watch here

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CELEB: Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa

Another Hip Hop couple has bites the dust. It was reported today by TMZ that she filed for divorce today from her husband of one year Wiz Khalifa. TMZ says she is asking for full custody of their 1 year old child Sebastian

Rumors have been swirling that her and Nick Cannon, who split from Mariah Carey this year, hooked up recently when he hired her as a client to work on her own reality show. There has been rumors of cheating ans domestic abuse. Nick Cannon says to TMZ that he only found about her marriage problems through her lawyers  but says he is not the cause of their divorce. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

CELEB: Aaliyah Biopic Movie Premieres In November

Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B

The controversial  Lifetime Aaliyah biopic movie which is titled Aaliyah: the Princess Of R&B is set to premiere on November 15th on Lifetime. The biopic has been in headlines all summer with Zendaya dropping out, the Missy and Timbaland casting and Wendy Williams being the executive producer. Actress Alexandra Shipp will be playing the late singer. 

She confirms the date on twitter today

Thursday, September 4, 2014

CELEB: Singer Blu Cantrell Claims Someone Is Trying To Kill Her With Poisonous Gas!

Blu Cantrell Hospitalized

You might remember singer Blu Cantrell for her hit song "Hit Em Style (Oops) back in 2001. She has not been the spotlight since then until today. TMZ reports she was hospitalized and taken into custody after ranting in the streets of Santa Monica early Wednesday claiming someone was trying to kill with poisonous gas. She was also taken into custody for a psychological evaluation.

It's been said that she battled a serious drug problem and went to rehab in the past.  But she is giving me schizophrenic behavior.

She was one of the rumored singers to join R&B Divas: LA

Thursday, August 28, 2014

VIDEO: Mathew Knowles Says Elevator Fight Was Staged To Boost Ticket Sales

Was The Elevator Fight Staged?

Beyonce estranged father, Mathew Knowles, has made an allegation that the Jay-Z and Solange elevator fight that happened at the Met Gala a few months ago was staged to boost Jay-Z and Beyonce tour ticket sales, describing it as a 'jedi mind trick'

He said it in this radio interview here

“They needed something to ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. A Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of the time. [Snaps fingers] All I know is everyone is talking about it. Ticket sales went up,Solange‘s album sales went up 200 percent"

My thing is why would a couple like them stage something like that? This is jay-Z and Beyonce we are talking about. I expect something like this from Kimye.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'106 & Park' Producer Gets Suspended For Blue Ivy Hair Joke

Don't Mess With The Beehive

Don't mess with the Beehive... that's what a producer from 106 & Park learned this past Monday for Blue Ivy's hair in a segment. Chris Brown's on and off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran was a guest- host and there was about segment Blue Ivy's thoughts at this Sunday's VMAs as she joined her mother Beyonce on stage. 

Well Karreche Tran read the teleprompter for the segment and said "I really did wake up like this because my parents never comb my hair" Now mind you, Blue Ivy's hair has been controversy before months ago wit that stupid petition. 

Because poor Karreche Tran was attacked by Beyonce stans for what she said but a producer who responsible for creating the script for the segment. 

BET President Stephen Hill released a statement on twitter

"Last night on 106 & Park there was a stupid, unthoughtful joke made about a young child.We apologize publically to the child’s parents (and have done so privately) and we have taken punitive actions with those responsible.It was very bad judgment and we will serve you much better in the future.Oh, and please don’t hate on Karrueche; it was NOT her fault. We also apologize to her for putting her in that position."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

CELEB: Chris Brown Almost Gets Killed During Pre- VMA Party Event.. Watch Here!

Pre-VMA Party Shooting

Chris Brown was almost shot and killed during a pre-VMA party event late last night. Chris Brown was supposed to the intended target but rapper Suge Knight and two others were shot. Suge Knight were shot six times and is now recovering in ICU.

It's been said by TMZ that a gang rivalry might have been the motive

Here is footage of the shooting

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CELEB: Rapper T.I Writes A Letter To America About Ferguson... READ HERE

"America Has Created A Monster"

Rapper T.I is the latest celebrity among Nelly and Keke Palmer to speak on the Ferguson riots. He writes an open to America expressing with what is going on right now.

Look at us….America has created a monster. The result of ignoring & mishandling an already fragile spirited, recently enslaved, presently oppressed race/generation of people. Look at us. We’re the monster that now refuses to be dismissed, overlooked and ignored. We were brought to this place, unaware of our own cultures, religion & traditions therefore, we created our own. Now look at us.
For years we’ve been crying out for the nation to address the substandard education systems & disparaging treatment of our citizens in communities across America. Our people have had an increasing lack of opportunities for generations. There have been homes broken, lives shattered and futures lost on your watch….unanswered. Look at us. How long can u expect a nation/race/generation of people to be blatantly disrespected? Spoken to and treated with arrogant tones of insignificance. Our fathers, uncles, brothers and role models were killed and imprisoned more often than educated. Now look at us. Our friends and relatives murdered and cast aside without thought, as though your human life is more valuable than ours. How long can that go on without consequence? Now Look at us.
How long can u continue to pass the buck & make excuses of why u can’t do today what should have been done yeste-year? Although I DO NOT support the negative responses & actions of my people in light of this tragedy….I WILL NOT condone your lack of effort to show any urgency to improve the treatment of our people, nor the living conditions in our communities. Your refusal to address these life altering issues makes events such as these seem inevitable. Although I too am at fault to a degree and I admit that I may not have all da answers… I do have a fun fact for you. Insanity is…Going about things the same way, expecting a different result. U wanna different result? U must take different action. What else do u expect? Look at us!!!
Clifford “T.I.” Harris
Rapper, Actor, CEO, Father

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

98 Degrees Members Nick and Drew Lachey To Get New Reality Show

The Lachey brothers of 98 Degrees are the next boyband members to be getting a reality show following Nick Carter and Donnie Walberg.

Their reality is called Lachey's Bar for a 10 episode season and it will air on A&E which is the same Donnie Walberg's reality show The Whalburgers, LA Times reports.

This is Nick Lachey's second reality show since the The Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson back in 2003.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dawn Richards Says Danity Kane Reality Show Was Staged

Danity Kane Reality Show Leaked

The E! network Danity Kane reality, which is probably scrapped now following the break-up has leaked on Instagram. The clips leaked was intentionally to expose Dawn, following the fight that happened two weeks ago. 

Dawn has responded to the clips that leaked on Instagram saying that they NEVER had a reality show picked up and this was staged for a pilot.

Here is also send an e-mail to 51 minds as more evidence 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

CELEB: Keke Palmer Gets Dragged On Twitter for Mike Brown Comments; Joins Protest

Keke Palmer Gets Backlash

Actress and host Keke Palmer has recently received backlash over her her tweets she made about the Mike Brown shooting that happen in Ferguson.

Basically some people on social media was annoyed by her 'kumbaya' attitude and not agreeing with the violence in Ferguson saying that "we are all family". She responds ot the backlash on

“As far as what’s going on with Mike Brown, I spoke up on that, because unproductive outrage has never gotten us anywhere,” she continued. “Even with MLK and everything that he did for black people...all he spoke about was unity, because throwing hate and being angry, and violence, that doesn’t give us peace and equality. That’s like having sex in order to get your virginity. It’s just the complete opposite thing to do.”

The backlash did not top stop her though for participating in the protest over the weekend

Rapper Nelly, who is from there, has also received the same backlash for wanting to end the voilence that has been happening. Do yo agree with them?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rapper Nelly and Girlfriend Shantel Jackson Scores BET Reality Show

Nelly Scores Reality Show

Nelly is the latest rapper to be getting a reality with girlfriend Shantel Jackson, who is Floyd Maywether's ex. the intitled new reality show will will focus Nelly's personal life and business life in the studio and being the co-owner for the Charlotte Bobats. His current girlfriend who is Shantel Jackson will also appear on the show. 

The new reality show will 8 one house long episodes and will be co produced by Nelly.

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