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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Top 5 Reality Shows That Never Made It On Air

5 Reality Shows That Never Got The Chance

 Over the past few years we've seen some successful reality shows from 'Flavor Of love' to now the Real Housewives and Love and Hop Hop franchises. But they are a few reality shows that never got the chance of day. Here are the the top 5 Reality TV Shows that made on air or past season 1


 5. Starter Wives (TLC)
'Starter Wives' is exception to the rule. The show did air on the TLC network in early 2013 but was cancelled after just three episodes due to low ratings. The show was about the ex-wives and baby mamas of famous male celebrities. The show was often compared to VH1's 'Hollywood Exes' 

4. 'I Love Money 3' (VH1)

'I Love Money'  was spin off series that VH1 in 2008. However, VH1 never aired the 3rd season of the show due to cast member Ryan Jenkins, who won the show suspected of killing his wife and then he committed suicide in 2009. It's been said that he won the show.


3. The 'Danity Kane' reality show (E!)

Diddy's former girl group 'Danity Kane' was planning on a comeback in 2014 with 4 out of the 5 members. They were planning on doing a reality show for E which they filmed serveral segments for the show never got picked due a fued between Aubrey O Day and Dawn Richards and he their comeback never happend.

 2. 'Ev & Ocho' (VH1)

'Ev & Ocho' was supposed to be a spin-off show from 'Basketball Wives' which featured evelyn Lozada and then husband Chad Ochocino' The reality show was supposed to show Evelyn getting ready for her wedding to Chad. But on Auguest 2013 right before the show was about to premiere TMZ reported they had a domestic dispute as Chad 'but headed' Evelyn Hw was arrested and and charged. The show never aired and Evelyn filed for a divorce. 

1. 'Shawty Lo: All My Baby Mama' (Oxygen)

'Shawty Lo: All my Baby Mamas' is # 1 in out list. Rapper Shawty Lo was supposed to have a reality show on Oxygen which would feature all of his baby mamas but due to a petition to yanked the show because of the concept the show never aired. 


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