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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prince's Family Members Are Planning A Reality TV Show

Should There Be A Prince Reality Show?

I looks like Prince is next to have a reality tv show beyond the grave, just like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. TMZ reports that his estate wants to do a reality tv show featuring his family members. A posthumous album was supposed to be release on his death anniversary but his family wants to delay the music releases once the reality show airs which right is in its early stages.

Sources close to Prince's heirs tell us the reality show, featuring family members, is in the works right now, and will focus on how their lives have changed since he died.We're told the family's fighting George Ian Boxill, the producer of the "Deliverance" EP, to keep the music under wraps ... so they can debut it on the show. So, the good news is ... there's still hope the music will see the light of day. The question is when?We're told the reality show is still in early development. They have a production company on board, but no deal to air yet.

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