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Monday, May 1, 2017

Jennifer Williams Is Officially Returning To 'Basketball Wives'

Jennifer Officially Returning To 'Basketball Wives'

It looks like Jennifer Williams will in fact joining 'Basketball Wives' later this season. She will be appearing on tonight episode for Tami's book launch party but according to Jasmine Brand she has already signed a contract and already started filming.  

It's been said that the producers wanted to creaye a storyline about Eveleyn and Jennifer's unresolved beef even though Evelyn did not want her back on the show

"Evelyn and Jennifer haven’t spoken in years and they fell-out publicly. Evelyn did NOT want Jennifer back on the show. Evelyn has some power within the show and told producers that it was either her or Jennifer. Initially, they wanted Evelyn back so much, that they agreed."


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