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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big Ang's Second Spin Off Show Show 'Miami Monkey' Airs September 8th


Miami Monkey

Reality News: Get ready for more Big Ang! It has been revealed that Big Ang is got another spin-off show which will be called 'Miami Monkey' and it will air September 8th. We already know that she has been filming the show in Miami but we all assume it was season 2 of her first spin off show 'Big Ang'

The show will be about her opening her second bar in South Beach Miami. According to bizjournals, the site has the scoop of the cast in which one of them of them is Morgan of  'Bad Girls Club: Miami'

Joining Big Ang in Miami is her bossy 'mini-me' daughter Raquel, 28. Because she has a 9-to-5 job back in New York, Raquel will be commuting to Miami on the weekends to work at the bar.  When Raquel is out of town, her friend Roxanne, 27, will be managing the Miami Monkey. Roxanne is one of Raquel's closest friends – and when she married Big Ang's nephew Ronnie, she became family.  Loud-mouthed and opinionated, there will be no monkey business at the Miami Monkey on Roxanne's watch. 
Rounding out the New Yorkers are RyanMarissa, and GabbyRyan, 26, is Raquel's best friend, and is known as one of the best bartenders in Staten Island – she often clashes with Raquel, and Ang has hired, fired and re-hired her so many times she can't count. Marissa, 29, is a party girl who sports the skimpiest of outfits. Big Ang knows that between her beautiful body and her mind for business, Marissa is going to be a valuable member of the Miami Monkey team. Ang's son AJ is dating Gabby, 20, a naive, beautiful, and newly busty part of the gang. Gabby hopes to cement her place in the family by helping to launch Big Ang and Raquel's new business. 

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