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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MUSIC NEWS: Britney Spears Releases 'Pretty Girls' Music Video With Iggy Azalea

"Pretty Girls" Music Video

Britney Spears is back! today the music video for her new single "Pretty Girls" which features rapper Iggy Azalea was released. The video has an alien 80's theme to it. The songs sounds similar to Iggy's song Fancy. "Pretty Girls" is supposed to be Britney music comeback and will appear on her upcoming 9th album.

Love it: or Hate it?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love It? or Hate It? Britney Spears 'Work Bitch" Music Video

Britney Releases 'Work Bitch' Music Video

Music News: Britney Spears premiered her new anticipated music video last night on The CW for her single "Work Bitch." The video shows Britney is a bikini in various locations.

What do you think about the video?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Listen Here: Britney Spears "Work Bitch"

"Work Bitch" Leaks

Music News: Today, Britney's new single "Work Bitch" leaked a day early. The song will be on her upcoming 8th studio album. She co-wrote the song with Will.I Am.

I listened to the song and I don't think it's one of her best lead singles but it's a great work out type song.

What do you think of the song?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photos: Sneak Peek Of Britney Spears' New Video "Werk Bitch"

A Sneak Peek

Music News: Britney Spears is on set filming her new music video for her new single "Werk Bitch" will be on her yet untitled 8th studio album. She instagram this photo on her page.

She is set to appear on GMA on September 17th. I'm guessing she will be premiering the video.

Friday, July 12, 2013

NEW POLL: Best Music Video Of The Week: Britney, Willow or Justin?

Who Had The Best Music Video?

POLL: This will be a weekly poll that I will doing.  Each week, I will ask you guys who had the best music video. This week, we had three big music video premieres with two of them causing controversy. Britney Spears released her music video for "Ooh La La" which is off the "The Smurfs 2 soundtrack and it also features her two sons. Willow Smith released her new music video for "Summer Fling" and it caused for having a grown theme for a 12 year old. Last but not least, we have Justin Timberlake. He released his new music video for his third single "Tunnel Vision" which also caused controversy for being 'too racy.' Youtube originally took the video down. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love It? Or Hate It? Britney Spears' New Music Video "Ooh La La"

Love It? Or Hate It?

Music News: Britney Spears has released her new music video for her single "Ooh Lala" which is featured in The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. This is also the first she is featuring her two sons in her music video. 

What do you think about the music video. I think the video is simple and very 'mommy like', so for me I love it! and she looks good too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Britney Spears wax figure

Spot on: Britney at the 2008 MTV VMAs, and right: Madame Tussaud's latest Britney wax figure

Reckon you've got an eye for what's wax and what's not? Have a go at guessing whether the following celebs are wax or the real deal in our gallery below!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Britney Spears- Circus Tracklisting


1 > Womanizer > 3:44
2 > Circus > 3:12
3 > Out From Under > 3:53
4 > Kill The Lights > 3:59
5 > Shattered Glass > 2:52
6 > If U Seek Amy > 3:36
7 > Unusual You > 4:21
8 > Blur > 3:08
9 > Mmm Papi > 3:22
10> Mannequin > 4:06
11> Lace And Leather > 2:50
12> My Baby > 3:21
13> Radar (Bonus Track) > 3:48

Download Here

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Britney Spears- Womanizer remixes

01. Womanizer (Junior Mix)
02. Womanizer (Kaskade Mix)
03. Womanizer (Digital Dog Club Mix)
04. Womanizer (Digital Dog Dub)
05. Womanizer (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
06. Womanizer (Sodaboys Remix)
07. Womanizer (Original Version)

Download Here

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Britney Spears- Circus Official cover + tracklisting


3)Out From Under
4)Kill The Lights
5)Shattered Glass
6)If You Seek Amy
7)Unusual You
9)Mmmm Papi
11)Lace & Leather
12)My Baby

released from Jive records

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Britney Spears scores 1st #1 US single in 9 years!

Another week, another record-breaking jump to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Britney Spears makes a near-maximum 96-1 rise with "Womanizer," returning to the top of the list for the first time since her debut single "...Baby One More Time" hit No. 1 in January 1999.

This is the third time in the past two months that the mark for the biggest jump to No. 1 has been shattered. On the Hot 100 dated Sept. 6, T.I. soared 71-1 with "Whatever You Like" and last week he sprinted 80-1 with "Live Your Life."

Spears' single is spurred by first-week download sales of 286,000, the biggest opening-week tally by a female artist since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking digital downloads in 2003, besting Mariah Carey's take for "Touch My Body" by just over 200 units.

In between her nearly 10-year gap between No. 1s, Spears has placed four other top 10s on the Hot 100, the last being "Gimme More," the first single from her last set, "Blackout." That song jumped 68-3 last October with first-week download sales of 179,000.

"Womanizer" previews Spears' sixth studio set "Circus," due Dec. 2 via Jive.

Friday, October 10, 2008

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