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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trailer: Motor City Wives

The trailer for Motor City Wives has been released. I've been blogging about this upcoming show since last. It was rumored that the show was going to be on VH1 and Deelishis (winner of Flavor of Love 2) was going to be part the cast.

According to these tweets, Sara Stokes confirms the filming of the show and BET has picked it up.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Suzanne Lossia Speaks On 'Motor City Wives'

Suzanne Lossia speaks on her show Motor City Wives on a local news station. Motor City Wives takes place in Detroit and it has been compared to the Real Housewives series. I have blogged about the show early this year when VH1 was rumored to pick up on their network.  No official word if VH1 will actually pick up the show. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Motor City Wives Cast Member Suzanne Lossia Is A Chaldean American ; VH1 Still Not Sure If They Will Pick Up The Show

Suzanne Lossia, who is one of the cast members of Motor City Wives opens up about being a Chaldean American. She will be the first Chaldean American to appear on a TV show and wants to show Americans what they are about.

"No one really knows who the Chaldeans are, now I'm going to show them,
"I love everything about being Chaldean. I love the food, our people and language,"

The show will debut this fall, but VH1 is still unsure if they will pick up the show.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Motor City Wives' Cast Member Suzanne Lossia Reconfirms Vh1 might Pick it up


One of the cast ,members of the new show 'Moter City Wives' says that VH1 migh pick up the show. I think they will since it fits the current trend on their network.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RUMOR ALERT: VH1 Might Pick up Motor City Wives

AllabouttheTHR says rumor has it VH1 will be picking up the show who will star Kim Mather's Eminems ex wife.  The show was rumored to star Flavor of Love Deelishis but she quickly shot down those rumors to us personally. 

VH1 is picking it up and the show is currently filming! Just like most of the real housewives/basketball wives and mob wives show, Motor City Wives will focus on the lives of housewives that are from different parts of the Metro Detroit area! So who will be on the show? There is total of 7 women from all over the metro Detroit area and AllAboutTRH can tell you exclusively a few of the names! One being a mother of two named Suzanne Lossia. Suzanne is middle eastern and divorced from ex husband Tony. The marriage was arranged and she is now raising 2 boys. Suzanne is very diversified growing up in America. The household she grew up in had very strict ethnic values. The next housewife is Kim Mathers Scott. Kim is famously known for being the wife of Eminem. Kim has 4 daughters and has recently got her life back together after a series of incidents. Another housewife that will star in the show is Sara Stokes! Sara Stokes is famously known for being in Diddy’s MTV reality show “Making the Band 2.” Sara was all over the media last year when she was beaten by her husband in front of their kids! Sources tell AllAboutTRH that the show is going to be filled with drama and going to be great for TV! Sara Stokes was seen tweeting talking about the show just a few days ago saying “more filming tonight for Motor City Wives..drama!” Check out the photos below of the girls from the Motor City Wives!

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