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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Motor City Wives Cast Member Suzanne Lossia Is A Chaldean American ; VH1 Still Not Sure If They Will Pick Up The Show

Suzanne Lossia, who is one of the cast members of Motor City Wives opens up about being a Chaldean American. She will be the first Chaldean American to appear on a TV show and wants to show Americans what they are about.

"No one really knows who the Chaldeans are, now I'm going to show them,
"I love everything about being Chaldean. I love the food, our people and language,"

The show will debut this fall, but VH1 is still unsure if they will pick up the show.

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Anonymous said...

VH1 should be a little concerned about the WOW factor these women can provide. They are fighting cultural norms and fear being shunned by their community. They want all of the glamour and Fame to do nothing but brag about how great they are. They need someone in the trenches with the community, whose story is so compelling because she has had to FIGHT for every ounce of independance and doesn't give a crqap about what thecommunity says or does to her. Nahla Abbo would be PERFECT. Intelligent, not bad to look at, and cut's through the BS of being Chaldean and tells it like it is. I wouldn't want to ever cross paths with her. Find her on Facebook if your interested. She's a LION among lambs.

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