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Saturday, February 21, 2015

'I Love New York' Star Real (Ahmad Givens) Dies From Cancer At 33

Real Dies From Cancer

Another reality star has died from cancer. It has been reported this morning that 'I Love New York' star Ahmad Givens (Real) has died from cancer at age 33. TMZ has reported that he passed away last night during a family visit.

Chance posted this on Instagram

Tiffany' New York' Pollard post on her Instagram Page 

Cleveland Ohio yo Bish is here!! Let's Celebrate and Honor the Life of our Homie @realstallionaire.LOVE TO U ALWAYS XO

I created a video montage with posts and tweet from former cast members

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Real From 'I Love New York' Cancer Comes Back and Spreads

Real's Cancer Comes Back

'I Love New York' star Real (Ahmad Givens) has faced a major setback recently as his cancer came back and it spread to his lungs and liver. Over a year ago, it was initially reported that he had stage colon cancer but the doctors misdiagnosed him and found out he had rectal cancer.  His brother Chance told TMZ that he recently underwent surgery 'to implant a port that will administer  his chemo

He wrote a message on his Instagram with a video saying' he finished up radiation".

Let's pray for Real!

"Just finished up radiation for the cerebellum and headed home.My head is killing me so I need rest.Thanks for your prayers and love from everyone.Special thanks to my bro Kamal this morning"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Real Did NOT Had Colon Cancer; What Did He Had?

Photo: TMZ

New Update

Reality: Back in March, we heard the terrible news that Real from I Love New York and Real Chance Of Love that he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. This past, Chance asked fans to donate money for him to get treatment. 

Well it turns out he did not had colon cancer after all. He had stage four rectal cancer which cancer cells form on the rectum Real tweeted days ago that he going to the hospital to get most . TMZ reports he had seven tumors on liver and doctors were able to take small portions out.

Still wishing him the best. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Chance: Real Is Getting Better

Update On Real

Reality News: Chance gives us an update on twitter about Real. Back in March, Real was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and he has been receiving chemo. Chance says Real is tired of all the chemo bit he is getting better.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Love New York's Real Is Diagnosed With Stage Four Colon Cancer

Photo: TMZ

Real Fighting Cancer

I was shocked by this news today. Apparently Real from I Love New York and Real Chance Of Love has been diagnosed with STAGE FOUR colon cancer. TMZ reported the news today and provided a picture of him in the hospital bed with his two brothers Chance and Micah.  TMZ reports  that he went back to hospital four times and was told something was wrong with his liver.He then was informed that he has stage four colon cancer.

New York took to twitter about the news.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Real: The Face Of Moral Purity

In what is surely the strangest VH1-related endorsement since Lip Chap, the video above features Real Chance of Love’s Real shilling for Sexual Revolution, a book aimed at “young adults, teens, fathers, mothers, and grandparents [who] want to shake off the slime of depravity and the bondage of religion, and enter into the joy of passionate purity.”  This is confusing for a variety of reasons. Among them:


Real says that he was celibate for eight years “prior to me and my brother doing our first show.” (It’s unclear if he’s referring to the first season of his show or I Love New York.)

He says he lost that celibacy and was lusting after a woman (was it Milf?), but the book seems to have changed that…which is weird, since he and Chance have seemed to have no shortage of lust so far this season (they named a girl after her sizable butt, for crying out loud!).

Real repeatedly states that the book is helpful, but doesn’t say how. Unless it’s implied that it helped him get back in touch with his celibacy. Which, again, really?

The author, Kris Vallotton, says that the truth about sexuality is that God created it, and He likes it. OK, but on the order page, the book is billed as “non-religious,” and in the same sentence, says it’s a “fresh look at a subject as old as Adam and Eve.” So it is but it isn’t, then. (Also, you’re ordering it from a church. Not that that makes it religious or anything.)

By being called Sexual Revolution, the book aims to reclaim the term from the culture-altering movement of the last century. Ambitious!

The clip seems to have originated at a site reserved for a new hair product of Real’s. Because if there’s anything that goes hand-in-hand with chastity, surely it is long, silky hair.

Frank Costa

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