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Monday, September 26, 2011

The T.O Show 3- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

The T.O Show 3- Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

Summary of Episodes 4 and 5
On episode 4, Basketball icon and friend John Salley offers Terrell sage advice on maneuvering the waters following a sports retirement and encourages him to focus on what he loves. Salley also amps up the mischief as he drags Terrell, Monique and Kita through Miami's nightlife, which culminates into a rousing (and revealing) bikini contest. Kita's feathers ruffle once again when an unexpected visitor from her not-too-distant past arrives at the condo. On episode 5,Anxious to bring more visibility and financial gain to his barbershop, 'T.O. Cutz", Terrell brainstorms a shortlist of ideas with his staff. Monique and Kita however recognize a much bigger opportunity for the business and railroad everyone in their path to see things their way, causing a chaotic turn. Separately, and flexing a new found independence, Monique hooks up with an old business friend who grooms her to become a radio personality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Episode Recaps (Week 3)

Lala's Full Court Life- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
It's NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, and with the trade deadline just a few days away La La and Carmelo Anthony are still uncertain about their future. La consults long-time friend 50 Cent on how to handle the situation, but even this cannot prepare her for what awaits when Melo is traded and the family arrives in their new city...

The T.O Show- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Terrell, now up and walking, agrees with Kita on a move to Miami where they can both focus on professional and personal goals: Terrell considers a tighter fist on his finances and a future outside of football, and Kita, a possible romantic liaison. With a fresh new look Monique's awkward arrival to Miami threatens the very foundation of their "One Team, One Dream" friendship they've worked so hard to keep intact.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Premieres Recaps (Week 2)

Lala's Full Court Life- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
La La is back in Los Angeles to host the red carpet festivities for Critics' Choice Awards and celebrate Kelly Rowland's 30th birthday. Wanting to make Kelly's day one to remember, La treats her friend to a day of surprises with a trip to the gun range, her first tattoo, and a visit from Serena Williams! After a doing it big for Kelly's birthday, La La is ready to kill it on the red carpet...but when her dress is missing only ten minutes before red carpet showtime, will shebe able to keep her cool?

The T.O Show 3- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
Recovering from surgery, Terrell's doctor says the road to recovery will be a challenging one if he wants to play football the upcoming season. Ever determined, Terrell denounces his timeline and puts a plan in motion to be fit and ready in half the time. Much to Kita's chagrin, Terrell enthusiastically appoints her nursemaid as she fumbles through bedpans and dinner menus, while Monique, still in Los Angeles, creates family upheaval as she grapples with her own next moves.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lala's Full Court Life and The T.O Show 3- Premieres Recaps

Lala's Full Court Life- Premiere Recap

Here is the premiere recap of Lala's new life in NYC since her wedding.

Summary Of The Premiere
It's been just six months since La La Vazquez became Mrs. Carmelo Anthony, and already the couple's quiet life in Denver is about to be turned upside down. With the NBA trade deadline looming La La spends what could be her last days in Denver enjoying a visit from Kelly Rowland. The girls cheer on Melo and the Nuggets court side and challenge him and his teammates to a bowling match. But when things get competitive, a bet causes one of the girls to lose their shirt -- and the rest of their clothes, too!

The T.O Show 3- Premiere Recap

Summary Of The Premiere
Football Superstar Terrell Owens' faith is put to the test as he finds himself faced with emergency ACL surgery and a professional future in turmoil. With an unclear prognosis, Kita races to Terrell's side in Pensacola, Florida where she lends her support. But without Monique she questions her own strength to help Terrell get through it. Ultimately, Terrell's recovery presents time for personal reflection as he sets new goals and revisits his faltering relationship with Kari.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mo & Kita From T.O Show Say Evelyn is the Non Factor

Mo and Kita from The T.O Show slams Evelyn Lozada from "Basketball Wives" saying she is the non factor.

 Who is the Non Factor?

The 3rd season of The T.O Show airs later this year

Monday, February 28, 2011

The T.O Show Returns For Season 3

The T.O Show Returns For Season 3

With Lala's show returning for a 2nd season another show will be coming. The T.O show which stars Terrell Owens, Kita Williams & Monique Jackson will return for season this summer. Production will start next month.

Kita: I’m excited for Season 3 because we are going to have new issues to deal with, and that’s the road we want to pave for VH1: not a lot of sensationalism, but a lot of reality that just happens to be sensation already. And he’s a man-whore. This season, we’re going to try to tame the whore in the man.

Monique: We’re also trying to make Kita a little bit more whore-like.

Kita: I’m not a whore!

Monique: She’s not a whore. She’s Clair Huxtable. We’re going to try this season to bring her out of the box a little bit. That’s one of the reasons I’m going to enjoy Miami: we’re going to take her to the edge and I’m going to live vicariously through her. I’d say if I had to compare it to anything, expect some Jersey Shore/Atlanta Housewives/Basketball Wives-level action. We’re getting down, dirty and raunchy. There’ll be strip clubs, there’ll be dance clubs, there’ll be dancing on top of tables in South Beach.  There will be beach bodies and plenty of oil.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Terrell Owens engaged to Kari Klinkenborg

Sports incinnati Bengals wide receiver Terrell Owens is Engaged. The first question which pops up in minds that with whom? Who is she? But no one has the answers of these questions except Owens. People are searching for more details but the name of the girl is still being searched out Owens is making news for his engagement as everyone was so much curious to know the name of new girl in his life after his broke off with his longtime girlfriend. A source says that he is with Donovan McNabb again and some other sources deny. But soon people will come to know the true story and the name of the girl with whom Terrell Owens Engaged. Terrell Eldorado Owens is one of the most popular players and most of time he is in news for different reasons. He is league single-game reception record holder and he has received several NFL records. Owens is one of those players who always remain in top 10 and like to break records. Owens has four children Terique Owens, Atlin Owens, Kylee Owens and Dasha. He loves his children and spends most of his time with his daughters In 2009 The T.O. Show covered his personal life and it was premiered on VH1, and the show proved a big hit with 1.5 million viewers. After the success of first season it was announced that the show had been picked up for another season. The second season will cover the story that what he decides and either he plays with Bills or not

Update: The girl in the pic is model Kari Llinkinborg. It is NOT Black from (Flavor of love 3) 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Will the new Terrell Owens iPhone app really catch on?

om a Super Bowl appearance, to a sexually-charged skit on Desperate Housewives to his own reality show on VH1, Terrell Owens has never been shy in front of a television camera. With the upcoming release of his new iPhone application, the world should get even more FaceTime with the mercurial Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver.
On August 8, T.O. is expected to join teammate Chad Ochocinco, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and Minnesota Vikings defensive endJared Allen as the next in the growing number of professional athletes who are tapping into the iPhone wave with their own applications. Along with Twitter and personal blogs, athletes are using iPhone apps to bypass traditional media like television networks and newspapers to interact directly with their adoring fans.
“They feel more connected with the person rather than the athlete or celebrity image,” explained Owens, calling in during a break from Bengals training camp sessions in Georgetown, Kentucky earlier this week. “Whatever I can do to increase interest and create more excitement.” The free application, developed by Irvine, Calif.-based Rock Software, will include standard features like photos and video clips along with a running Batman and Robin gag with Ochocinco recently debuted on Twitter. Owens also uses the app to share and promote a few off-the-field interests.
“I’m into home decor, and there are a number of things I’m involved with like workout tips, dieting, and other things of that nature,” he said. “I’ll teach you how to dress and tie and tie.”

Off-the-field distraction?

After wearing out his welcome with zany antics in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, Owens reportedly got a late start in Cincinnati after dealing with last-minute details getting his app ready for the Apple App Store.
While the Bengals may be the best football fit for the 36-year-old former All-Pro seeking one last shot at a Super Bowl ring, the defending AFC North champions also have at least a couple of players who are giving a thumbs up to Owens’ iPhone aspirations. In addition to Ochocinco, who last month followed up his iPhone app with a separate title for the iPad, backup quarterback Jordan Palmer (brother of star starting QB Carson Palmer) is a stakeholder in Rock Software.
Jordan Palmer and partner John Shahidi were unsuccessful in developing an iPhone app for Owens during his relatively quiet season with the Buffalo Bills last year. Might Owens have joined the Bengals for a better chance of getting his iPhone app out the door and promoted?
“Trust me,” Owens said between a couple laughs, “that had zero percent to do with me joining the Bengals. My joining the team had everything to do with winning a championship.”
Owens, who actually uses an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy smartphone, has his hands full with other priorities.
“I’m pretty overloaded with a lot to learn with this new offense,” he said.
There is no app, yet, for crossing the goal line in an NFL game.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VH1 Ratings

Courtnee-You're Cut Off
You’re Cut Off (Finale)- 1.451 million
Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch- 844,000
The T.O. Show- 733,000
You’re Cut Off (Episode 7 July 20th repeat)-546,000

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T.O. Show Moving to Cincinnati?

T.O. Show Moving to Cincinnati?

Estranged Eagle Terrell Owens may have a new home with the Bengals in Cincinnati

Getty Images
It appears that Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown is already smitten with outspoken wide receiver Terrell Owens.

"I met with him personally and privately...He's a pleasant person, a quiet person. I found him engaging," Brown said.
The team discussed a contract with Owens and his agent Drew Rosenhaus on Monday, only four months after passing on the chance to sign the reality show star.

But NFL fans may be more interested in the endless possibilities of sideline shenanigans between Chad Ochocinco and T.O. rather than what Owens can do on the field (the wide receiver had an off year last season, but then again, he was with the lowly Buffalo Bills).
Ocho and Owens currently have reality shows running back to back on VH1.

The New York Jets are also interested in Owens, ESPN reported on Tuesday morning, however, a deal doesn't seem likely.

We're crossing our fingers for Cincinnati. Watching T.O. and the "Dancing With the Stars" alum dance in the end zone should make for some entertaining television.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Terrell Owns "very close" to signing a deal with The Bengals

According to Terrel Owens is "very close" into signing a deal with Cincinnati Bengals the same team Chad Ochocinco is in.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The T.O Show - Episode 2 recap (Season 2)


The T.O Show - Episode 2 Recap (Season 2)

Here is a short recap of what happened on episode 2 of The T.O Show (in case you care) T.O was hoping t get signed with a new football team, only to find out that they already signed someone. So he was disappointed. Mo and Kita tried to cheer him up with the new house.

But he wasn't in the mood. Terrel had another fight with his on and off again girlfriend Kari. He decided to see a Therapist to discuss about Kari, his children and his own father. He then realizes that he does not want to end up like his dad. He wants to be there for his two daughters.

So he set up a play date for his two daughters. They had a "princess party" and they met for the first time. Mean while Mo and Kita met up with Terrell's ex-fiance Felisha. She questions how is his relationship with Kari. Mo and Kita kinda scheme to get Felisha back with Terrell which I think is kinda backstabbing because last week they demanded Terrel to work things out with Kari. Now they are saying that Kari is not right for Terrell? WTF? Terrel tries to make things up by  cooking breakfast for Kari.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

The T.O Show- Season 2 Premiere Recap

Season 2 of The T.O show aired night on VH1. Here is what happened. Game season was over and Terrell wasn't sure if he wanted to return to football, so he returned to L.A and stayed with his two friends Mo and Kita. 

They offered them a place to stay while he searches for a house. Mo then encourages Terrell to patch things up with his one again/off again girlfriend Kari. But Mo gets pissed off when she sees Terrel with another women in her house telling him "You should work things out with Kari" 

He then meet up with her and they consider seeing a couples counselor. He questions if could be a good husband/father. As he confesses that to Mo and Kita. Mo then makes Terrel babysit her two young sons by telling them a bedtime story.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The T.O Show - Season 2 Supertrailer

Watch the supertrailer to season 2 of The T.O Show which returns this Sunday right after Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. I remember this show came out the same time this website was launched. It has been a year.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The T.O Show- Supertrailer

Terrel Owens is back! The. T.O Show is back for a 2nd season. Watch the supertrailer for the new season which will be premiering July 11th. This season will bring even more drama when he rekindles an old flamae and takes on being a father.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The T.O Show returns for a 2nd season

The first season of The T.O. Show wrapped up last week, but it won’t be gone for long. The second season is already on the way. Check the press release below:

Hot on the heels of wrapping up his first season of The T.O. Show, VH1 has picked up Terrell Owens‘ option for a second go-around of his hit series. It seems Terrell will have a successful career off the football field too as the The T.O. Show has been a ratings hit for VH1 with an average of over 1.5 million viewers per episode.

As this is a show about Terrell’s off-season life, the series will resume production shortly after his 2009 football season ends with the Buffalo Bills. Season Two will begin as his one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills expires and he will once again be faced with the question of - will he back with the Bills or will he be looking for a new team in the off-season? He will also be exploring business opportunities for life after football and dealing with the women in his life.

Kita Williams and Monique Jackson, Terrell’s two best friends as well as his marketing and publicity team, are also returning to the series. In addition to molding Terrell’s image off the field they are also a formidable duo in his personal life that do their best to guide him in his personal life with sound sisterly advice.

“Terrell has been a great asset to the VH1 team and we’re thrilled to have him back for another season,” stated Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production, VH1. “He is a compelling figure to watch both on and off the field and we hope to continue to watch his life evolve beyond football for many seasons to come.”


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