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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boxer Adrien Broner Says 'LHATL' Producers Wanted Him To Fake His Interest In Karlie Redd

Photo/ Youtube

 Adrien Broner Exposes 'LHATL' Producers

Boxer Adrien Broner is responding in interview with VladTV about storming during filming of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 5 last month. He spilled the tea on the producers claiming that they wanted him to fake his interest in Karlie Redd when he agreed to an interview on her new Playboy radio show. He also added that he no idea that he was being filmed for the show before storming out.

It was then producers allegedly told him "It's time to get serious. Now when we're filming you we want to see the chemistry between you and Karlie. We wanna see it in your eyes, the connection...," he told us. "And I was like, 'hold on, man, y'all trippin'. Ain't no chemistry and ain't no connection , man.'" It was then the boxing champ realized they were trying to get him to make an appearance on L&HH, an offer he wasn't willing to consider given his family situation. "I got a wife at home and a fresh baby boy and she's about to have a baby girl, so you know I'm like, 'I can't,'"  

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